- relief from ennui
Nov 16i have to start somewhereCast of Horribles
Oct 16I used to know how to do thisCast of Horribles
Oct 9I didn't know how much I missed this thingCast of Horribles
Jan 19Rainy NeighborsInner Tirade
Jan 18Life's Best MedicineInner Tirade
Jul 25Unemployed DreamsInner Tirade
Jun 9Break IIInner Tirade
Oct 22"You're thinking too much again"Cast of Horribles
Oct 14Long, long dayCast of Horribles
Oct 12It wasn't their faultCast of Horribles
Oct 11I never stopped thinking of youCast of Horribles
Oct 11They said I don't matterCast of Horribles
Oct 9How does this work again?Cast of Horribles
Apr 21Time is a commodity that I tend to spend poorlyCast of Horribles
Apr 16I wanted to be something beautiful tonightCast of Horribles
Apr 14Leave your markCast of Horribles
Apr 13Nobody important is in hereCast of Horribles
Apr 11I'm falling faster than I expectedCast of Horribles
Apr 10I want to draw picturesCast of Horribles
Apr 8I'll be back for youCast of Horribles
Apr 1There's always the next placeCast of Horribles
Mar 31Forget what others tell youCast of Horribles
Mar 25Rolling, rollingMusing
Mar 25Sharp pantsCast of Horribles
Mar 21"I have a little dot"Cast of Horribles
Mar 18Two-Year Old ProtestersMusing
Mar 15The race is to change yourself, not the worldCast of Horribles
Mar 12There needn't be a perfect time for thisCast of Horribles
Mar 11Jetlag is a processMusing
Mar 8Lazy wordsMusing
Mar 6If only it was that easyCast of Horribles
Mar 6Kissing JarMusing
Mar 4There's something you should tell meCast of Horribles
Mar 4Planets, Made in ChinaMusing
Mar 2The holding of nothingMusing
Mar 2"Moon and stars and daddy"Cast of Horribles
Mar 1Short updateMusing
Mar 1Do I look fat in this?Cast of Horribles
Feb 27“Go with mommy or else . . .”Musing
Feb 25Babka CaperMusing
Feb 24Purple pony at Purim party per photographsMusing
Feb 23Happy sicknessMusing
Feb 23Don't wake the babyCast of Horribles
Feb 21Stop looking for meCast of Horribles
Feb 20Think happy thoughtsCast of Horribles
Feb 20Too much thinkingMusing
Feb 18Focus is not a friendMusing
Feb 18People rely on you nowCast of Horribles
Feb 17I feel like hiding in the corner todayCast of Horribles
Feb 16Same ol'Musing
Feb 15DedicationMusing
Feb 15Magical BabyMusing
Feb 14Valentine MonopoliesMusing
Feb 12Lunch writingsMusing
Feb 11Throwing the schedule offMusing
Feb 10Energy deficientMusing
Feb 9Indian ReservationsMusing
Feb 8Fricassee meMusing
Feb 7Explorability ArgumentMusing
Feb 6Leaky thoughtsMusing
Feb 4PlaceholderMusing
Feb 3He's at the tableMusing
Feb 1Who says you can't learn things from musicals?Musing
Jan 31Under the coversMusing
Jan 30Stop the sicknessMusing
Jan 28Call it what it isn'tMusing
Jan 27Don't listen to this blowhardMusing
Jan 26CollectionsMusing
Jan 26Tiger's first computer drawingMusing
Jan 25Empty panelsMusing
Jan 24My toe, my toe!Musing
Jan 23Teased judgingMusing
Jan 22Wet ThoughtsInner Tirade
Jan 22Dweller of HolesMusing
Jan 21Sleep CrossingMusing
Jan 20Creative inversionMusing
Jan 19Who says I need words?Musing
Jan 19So you dream of disappearingInner Tirade
Jan 18Day of PromiseMusing
Jan 17Did I really forget?Musing
Jan 16French FillersMusing
Jan 15Early morning picker-upperMusing
Jan 14Surfing ComplicationsMusing
Jan 13Meaning of EfilMusing
Jan 13Pear TossingMusing
Jan 12I'm too cute for you to sleepCast of Horribles
Jan 12Frozen dog bowlsMusing
Jan 11Slow thoughtsMusing
Jan 10Brainy KickersMusing
Jan 10You can't always blame external forcesCast of Horribles
Jan 9Friendly neighborhood elevatorMusing
Jan 8The trick is, there is no planMusing
Jan 7A silent jauntMusing
Jan 6Dinosaur StuffingsMusing
Jan 6He wanted to meet youCast of Horribles
Jan 5Old McFarmerMusing
Jan 4No Daddy. Mommmy!Musing
Jan 3ShhhMusing
Jan 3Sometimes I need to get awayCast of Horribles
Jan 2Closet monstersMusing
Jan 1Shopping adventuresMusing
Dec 31Why so sad, Llama Llama?Musing
Dec 30Breakfast with ElmoMusing
Dec 29Tired fingers and childrenMusing
Dec 28Ignore all self doubtsCast of Horribles
Dec 28What did you think was going to happen?Musing
Dec 27Two days of sitting in my own filthCast of Horribles
Dec 27Take your job and . . .Musing
Dec 26Late-Night PhilosophyMusing
Dec 25We're back with a new friendCast of Horribles
Dec 25Face it: this requires not even the semblance of skillCast of Horribles
Dec 2530 minutes of creativityMusing
Dec 2Did you ever think I'd be back?Cast of Horribles
Sep 10Magical ExperiencesInner Tirade
Aug 13Generational fashion senseInner Tirade
Aug 6Never trust your neighborInner Tirade
Jul 11Naginata Nidan Test OutlineMusing
Jul 11Tour Guide FantasyMusing
Jun 20Aliens in the schoolMusing
Jun 12Dishwashers don't consternateMusing
Jun 72012 RedoMusing
May 30Mr. Blank PageMusing
Apr 28Naginata WarmupsMusing
Mar 29The Rooster AwaitsInner Tirade
Mar 7Blood is a VegetableInner Tirade
Feb 29Next LevelInner Tirade
Feb 20They key to creativityInner Tirade
Feb 17Doolies's 2012 Shodan Exam for NaginataMusing
Feb 13They're part of meInner Tirade
Feb 10Unhelpful NavigatorsInner Tirade
Feb 6Part of their worldInner Tirade
Feb 3Hide behind me, my ladyInner Tirade
Jan 30Muddy IdeasInner Tirade
Jan 27The SpinInner Tirade
Jan 23Park BenchInner Tirade
Jan 7Naginata Shodan Test OutlineMusing
Jan 6Quiet WalksInner Tirade
Jan 4Circles of LifeInner Tirade
Jan 2Oh, grow up alreadyInner Tirade
Dec 30Coffee PhilosopherInner Tirade
Dec 28Dorm Room PhilosophyInner Tirade
Dec 26Judging OthersInner Tirade
Dec 25Figatner Family's Shabbat Dinners 2006-2011Musing
Dec 22It's my life, leave me aloneInner Tirade
Dec 21Speed of LifeInner Tirade
Nov 4Do I even know how to use it anymore?Cast of Horribles
Nov 1Admit it: you miss meCast of Horribles
Oct 31It's starting to come backCast of Horribles
Oct 27"This huge ocean starts and ends here"Cast of Horribles
Oct 26You knew I couldn't stay awayCast of Horribles
Oct 24"What about me?"Cast of Horribles
Sep 1Thanks!Cast of Horribles
Aug 31"It's our New Years"Cast of Horribles
Aug 30There's beauty everywhereCast of Horribles
Aug 29I've got nothing left for thisCast of Horribles
Aug 26Get them when they're youngCast of Horribles
Aug 25I think you scared meCast of Horribles
Aug 24They suffered for theirs. What did you do?Cast of Horribles
Aug 18Naginata GreetingsMusing
Aug 18How can I ever make something real?Cast of Horribles
Aug 17I am a conformistCast of Horribles
Aug 16It won't always be this quietCast of Horribles
Aug 12"That's my word, you know"Cast of Horribles
Aug 11What do you think will happen?Cast of Horribles
Aug 10I'm back--you miss me?Cast of Horribles
Aug 9Sometimes the pretty is as the pretty does.Cast of Horribles
Aug 8Say you won't make it soCast of Horribles
Aug 3Sometimes you're just not good enoughCast of Horribles
Aug 2I'm a fraudCast of Horribles
Jul 29She's almost hereCast of Horribles
Jul 28I give upCast of Horribles
Jul 27Where are you?Cast of Horribles
Jul 26The head doesn't workCast of Horribles
Jul 25Stop wasting my timeCast of Horribles
Jul 23Conference RoomMusing
Jul 22"I see you"Cast of Horribles
Jul 21So it goesCast of Horribles
Jul 20There is doing and then there is beingCast of Horribles
Jul 19So many years to do something yet so little doneCast of Horribles
Jul 18Have I accomplished anything worthwhile?Cast of Horribles
Jul 15The change approachesCast of Horribles
Jul 14Don't let it get you downCast of Horribles
Jul 13Please tell me there's something moreCast of Horribles
Jul 12The season approachesCast of Horribles
Jul 11It's all in one strokeCast of Horribles
Jul 8I told you there was something in thereCast of Horribles
Jul 7Sometimes ideas do float on the surfaceCast of Horribles
Jul 6Many worlds within worldsCast of Horribles
Jul 5"They're coming to take me away"Cast of Horribles
Jul 1Where did you guys come from?Cast of Horribles
Jun 30Take the moment...Cast of Horribles
Jun 29"What big eyeballs you have"Cast of Horribles
Jun 28Whatever happened to the hobgoblins?Cast of Horribles
Jun 24She's almost hereCast of Horribles
Jun 23"Now everyone grab a seat"Cast of Horribles
Jun 22It looks so bigCast of Horribles
Jun 21SleepyCast of Horribles
Jun 20It's never as good as you thinkCast of Horribles
Jun 19ForgetfulnessMusing
Jun 16I'm trappedCast of Horribles
Jun 15Don't always look disappointedCast of Horribles
Jun 14Races with RatsMusing
Jun 14They're backCast of Horribles
Jun 13It's nice to see you againCast of Horribles
Jun 10It's going to tell me something importantCast of Horribles
Jun 9The victim is always innocentCast of Horribles
Jun 8My brain needs an off switchCast of Horribles
Jun 3Oh so that's how it worksCast of Horribles
Jun 2You wouldn't believe me if I told youCast of Horribles
Jun 1Take a momentCast of Horribles
May 31I want to protest but the world is perfectCast of Horribles
May 30PopcornCast of Horribles
Apr 29"I'm just going to lie here for a bit"Cast of Horribles
Apr 26Did you miss me?Cast of Horribles
Apr 25Things will happenCast of Horribles
Apr 22I really don't need external validationCast of Horribles
Apr 20I have nothing more to giveCast of Horribles
Apr 18It's time to get out of my headCast of Horribles
Apr 15"You have to lay off the drugs"Cast of Horribles
Apr 14My fingers hurtCast of Horribles
Apr 13It's not that it doesn't sleep, it can't sleepCast of Horribles
Apr 12She's mobile nowCast of Horribles
Apr 11It's possible to find the truth up hereCast of Horribles
Apr 8"Last one I promise"Cast of Horribles
Apr 7If I thought first I could make something worthwhileCast of Horribles
Apr 6Do you have to let it linger?Cast of Horribles
Apr 5"She's wiggling"Cast of Horribles
Apr 4"You're right, they are all spying on me"Cast of Horribles
Apr 1"A real goal is defined by how you feel after you run out of passion."Cast of Horribles
Mar 31It doesn't make sense to me eitherCast of Horribles
Mar 30Waiting to get thereCast of Horribles
Mar 29Truth in advertisingCast of Horribles
Mar 28Sometimes your eyes really are larger than your stomachCast of Horribles
Mar 25You will do it!Cast of Horribles
Mar 24The first time is always tryingCast of Horribles
Mar 23Sometimes it's better not to wake up in the morningCast of Horribles
Mar 22It shouldn't be this easyCast of Horribles
Mar 21Even rainy days can be happyCast of Horribles
Mar 17They're waiting for usCast of Horribles
Mar 16There's gotta be a story hereCast of Horribles
Mar 15So far yet to travelCast of Horribles
Mar 14It's just over the hillCast of Horribles
Mar 11The funny bone is neither funny nor a boneCast of Horribles
Mar 10I clearly know nothingCast of Horribles
Mar 9Dream big and fail small: why I never hit it bigCast of Horribles
Mar 8It's not as easy as it looksCast of Horribles
Mar 7It's worse than you thinkCast of Horribles
Mar 3It's almost a creative processCast of Horribles
Mar 2Once more for good luckCast of Horribles
Mar 1I don't want to be bothered when I'm in my holeCast of Horribles
Feb 28Wet but no closer to inspirationCast of Horribles
Feb 25The head, it hurtsCast of Horribles
Feb 23We sometimes forget what's comingCast of Horribles
Feb 22Sometimes I try too hardCast of Horribles
Feb 21It will pass soon enoughCast of Horribles
Feb 18Or it could be I just like to colorCast of Horribles
Feb 16I have nothing interesting to sayCast of Horribles
Feb 15It's all in the coloringCast of Horribles
Feb 10"Are you feeling left out?"Cast of Horribles
Feb 9"Step one of baby girl's room is complete"Cast of Horribles
Feb 7Her first concertCast of Horribles
Feb 4You have to pretend to mean itCast of Horribles
Feb 3Make it stop hurtingCast of Horribles
Feb 1It won't stop leakingCast of Horribles
Jan 24I should be happierCast of Horribles
Jan 21It still waits for meCast of Horribles
Jan 19You have to do away with your perceived perfectionCast of Horribles
Jan 17She kept her beautiful promiseCast of Horribles
Jan 13"I read the whole internet every day"Cast of Horribles
Jan 12"All the problems in the world are caused by bad moods"Cast of Horribles
Jan 11Sometimes she needs her own spotlightCast of Horribles
Jan 10"So don't feel bad if nobody bothers to steal your creations"Cast of Horribles
Jan 7Words should go hereCast of Horribles
Jan 6There's a demon inside all of usCast of Horribles
Jan 5There's something in here trying to get outCast of Horribles
Jan 4Another failed projectCast of Horribles
Dec 31There should be something thereCast of Horribles
Dec 30I think it's going to explodeCast of Horribles
Dec 29Happy, happy thoughtsCast of Horribles
Dec 28It's not safe to leave me aloneCast of Horribles
Dec 27What if we owned all of our thoughts and ideas?Cast of Horribles
Dec 22Nobody is listeningCast of Horribles
Dec 22Nobody is listeningCast of Horribles
Dec 21The road is long--time to start runningCast of Horribles
Dec 20I need something to get me goingCast of Horribles
Dec 17We need more charactersCast of Horribles
Dec 16"Don't you have more important things to do with your time?"Cast of Horribles
Dec 14True love is about the willingness to sacrifice your own happinessCast of Horribles
Dec 13Let's just sit around and do nothingCast of Horribles
Dec 9"What happens when you're on the wrong side of history?"Cast of Horribles
Dec 7Show me a pictureCast of Horribles
Dec 6Stop taking up my oxygenCast of Horribles
Dec 3Stop looking inside, it's mostly emptyCast of Horribles
Nov 30Shouldn't I be more scared?Cast of Horribles
Nov 29There's someone waiting for usCast of Horribles
Nov 22"There are two of me"Cast of Horribles
Nov 18It sounds like you know what you want to sayCast of Horribles
Nov 15I want to be like you when I grow upCast of Horribles
Nov 11"We're controlled by billions of microbes"Cast of Horribles
Nov 10You have to make your worldCast of Horribles
Nov 8It can't go on foreverCast of Horribles
Nov 2Who says violence isn't for kids?Cast of Horribles
Oct 27So much time so little outputCast of Horribles
Oct 26Let me put something up for youCast of Horribles
Oct 25Sit back and think big thoughtsCast of Horribles
Oct 22It's sometimes better without meCast of Horribles
Oct 21Know your missionCast of Horribles
Oct 20Make it stop alreadyCast of Horribles
Oct 18I shouldn't have gone thereCast of Horribles
Oct 15you have to stopCast of Horribles
Oct 14I didn't want you to see me like thisCast of Horribles
Oct 13Do something really wellCast of Horribles
Oct 12It's crawling all over meCast of Horribles
Oct 11"Get a hold of yourself before you disappear"Cast of Horribles
Oct 5Make it stop spinningCast of Horribles
Oct 1It's not working anymoreCast of Horribles
Sep 30Everyone smileCast of Horribles
Sep 29There's more than one way to get thereCast of Horribles
Sep 28I keep hoping I can do better than I doCast of Horribles
Sep 27She's officially the cutest baby everCast of Horribles
Sep 23I wait for the changeCast of Horribles
Sep 22We should enjoy the quietCast of Horribles
Sep 21I'm just not good at anythingCast of Horribles
Sep 20It's all coming back to me nowCast of Horribles
Sep 17Let me tell you, her teeth are really bigCast of Horribles
Sep 16There's worlds out there I can't understandCast of Horribles
Sep 15Can you see me?Cast of Horribles
Sep 14I shouldn't complain so muchCast of Horribles
Sep 13It's almost hereCast of Horribles
Sep 8It's possible I've lost weightCast of Horribles
Sep 7Behold he who knows nothingCast of Horribles
Sep 6You just have to let it go sometimesCast of Horribles
Sep 3The sane ones in a maelstrom of discontentCast of Horribles
Sep 2You wouldn't know it by looking at me but there are other people in the world.Cast of Horribles
Sep 1"If I make a documentary they will believe me"Cast of Horribles
Aug 31It's all in the merchandisingCast of Horribles
Aug 30The pink bunnyCast of Horribles
Aug 27Too much of teh internetsCast of Horribles
Aug 26It can't be that badCast of Horribles
Aug 25I will always be here for youCast of Horribles
Aug 24I don't know what I owe youCast of Horribles
Aug 23Where the Horribles areCast of Horribles
Aug 20"I told you not to stand here"Cast of Horribles
Aug 19You can't make meCast of Horribles
Aug 18Multiple personalitiesCast of Horribles
Aug 17It's good to get out and aboutCast of Horribles
Aug 16"I've been nice until now"Cast of Horribles
Aug 13They live in a storybookCast of Horribles
Aug 12I'm going somewhereCast of Horribles
Aug 11Teh internets is not your friendCast of Horribles
Aug 10Stop telling me I'm blueCast of Horribles
Aug 9Would you kindly stop staringCast of Horribles
Aug 6I'm just not good at thisCast of Horribles
Aug 5Sometimes there are no answersCast of Horribles
Aug 4I have a secretCast of Horribles
Aug 3It's not always what you thinkCast of Horribles
Aug 2It's a long way to nowhereCast of Horribles
Jul 30"Is it lunch yet?"Cast of Horribles
Jul 29"They're all out to get me"Cast of Horribles
Jul 28Ready for sleepCast of Horribles
Jul 27So anxiousCast of Horribles
Jul 26"We won't judge you"Cast of Horribles
Jul 23Do you remember when we became the new cool?Cast of Horribles
Jul 22They can't know meCast of Horribles
Jul 21Don't tell anyoneCast of Horribles
Jul 20"Do you think they think we're martians?"Cast of Horribles
Jul 19Why don't you like me anymore?Cast of Horribles
Jul 16The start of something wonderfulCast of Horribles
Jul 15It's almost hereCast of Horribles
Jul 14It's the size of a Gummy BearCast of Horribles
Jul 13You can't always tell me everythingCast of Horribles
Jul 12The sun is just behind these cloudsCast of Horribles
Jul 9I just need to rest for a momentCast of Horribles
Jul 8Keep it movingCast of Horribles
Jul 7They're here to protect usCast of Horribles
Jul 6Does she know what she's doing?Cast of Horribles
Jul 5"There are some things I can't do for a bit"Cast of Horribles
Jul 4You really started something this timeCast of Horribles
Jul 2"I'm hungry. I'm hungry. I'm hungry"Cast of Horribles
Jul 1Don't forget about meCast of Horribles
Jun 30I'm waiting for it to fallCast of Horribles
Jun 29There's something she needs to tell youCast of Horribles
Jun 28Don't get too excitedCast of Horribles
Jun 25Stop looking at meCast of Horribles
Jun 24It's almost hereCast of Horribles
Jun 23She knows how to use thatCast of Horribles
Jun 22I hate sleep headachesCast of Horribles
Jun 21I'm so tired I'm not sure I'm talking aloudCast of Horribles
Jun 18The city awaits meCast of Horribles
Jun 17I should be better at answering mailCast of Horribles
Jun 16The winter will end soonCast of Horribles
Jun 15Go thereCast of Horribles
Jun 14So it wentCast of Horribles
Jun 11There are monuments everywhereCast of Horribles
Jun 10I feel out of sortsCast of Horribles
Jun 9There are other types of monsters in this worldCast of Horribles
Jun 8She drugged meCast of Horribles
Jun 7Construction of the headCast of Horribles
Jun 4"What's the first thing you're going to do when you take over the world?"Cast of Horribles
Jun 3I think I may be allergic to herCast of Horribles
Jun 2I wish I remembered moreCast of Horribles
Jun 1Before I get started on something completely newCast of Horribles
May 31Stop thinking you know what's inside meCast of Horribles
May 28Pull back to gain perspectiveCast of Horribles
May 27I could have told you thatCast of Horribles
May 26I don't even know where to start anymoreCast of Horribles
May 25I can't stopCast of Horribles
May 24Don't look at meCast of Horribles
May 21Handoff #1 (David)Musing
May 21It's a dirty, dirty worldCast of Horribles
May 20"You are the ugliest of them all"Cast of Horribles
May 19It could be real one dayCast of Horribles
May 18She's so cuteCast of Horribles
May 17I wanted something real but he wouldn't let me make itCast of Horribles
May 14It can't be that badCast of Horribles
May 13Going through the motionsCast of Horribles
May 12My hands won't stop shakingCast of Horribles
May 11I can't always look up to youCast of Horribles
May 10Shouldn't you be doing more important things?Cast of Horribles
May 8Happy Mother's DayCast of Horribles
May 7"Enough with the talking"Cast of Horribles
May 6We miss fighting for youCast of Horribles
May 5Don't tell them about my hobbiesCast of Horribles
May 4Stop judging meCast of Horribles
May 3I'm not good at what I want to be good atCast of Horribles
Apr 30The view is better from up hereCast of Horribles
Apr 29"Do you really need so much space?"Cast of Horribles
Apr 28It's all starting to come outCast of Horribles
Apr 27I'm all designed outCast of Horribles
Apr 26"Tell it to me straight, I can take it"Cast of Horribles
Apr 21Do I have to choose just one hobby?Cast of Horribles
Apr 20I'm fresh out of ideasCast of Horribles
Apr 19I'm changing to get aheadCast of Horribles
Apr 16"To be a writer, you're going to have to write"Cast of Horribles
Apr 15Coming, dear!Cast of Horribles
Apr 14You don't always realize when the universe is talking to youCast of Horribles
Apr 13They're coming for meCast of Horribles
Apr 12Epic journeys begin with small stepsCast of Horribles
Apr 9It silences meCast of Horribles
Apr 8The night holds many mysteriesCast of Horribles
Apr 7It only looks like she can walkCast of Horribles
Apr 6"I'm trapped in here, please help!"Cast of Horribles
Apr 5There's violence afootCast of Horribles
Apr 2It just feels that wayCast of Horribles
Apr 1I miss showing you the snowCast of Horribles
Mar 26I did warn youCast of Horribles
Mar 25Is there that big of a difference between drunk and genius?Cast of Horribles
Mar 24It's safer for you if I stay hereCast of Horribles
Mar 23So different yet so similarCast of Horribles
Mar 22Need more questsCast of Horribles
Mar 19It's time I return to my own planetCast of Horribles
Mar 18I'm mentally preparingCast of Horribles
Mar 17I'm sick of conflictCast of Horribles
Mar 16It's like a whole different world from this angleCast of Horribles
Mar 15I can't stand Three's Company's momentsCast of Horribles
Mar 12Sometimes it is the simple thingsCast of Horribles
Mar 11I only look happyCast of Horribles
Mar 10Show me somethingCast of Horribles
Mar 9There's something about meCast of Horribles
Mar 8I have so many other talentsCast of Horribles
Mar 5"You can't always be right"Cast of Horribles
Mar 4The choices we sowCast of Horribles
Mar 3"I've been asked to read this statement: I'm a big fat idiot"Cast of Horribles
Mar 2What if all I had was a sword?Cast of Horribles
Mar 1The world is still watchingCast of Horribles
Feb 25"Go ahead, ask me anything about the government's secret experiments"Cast of Horribles
Feb 24The blank page is sucking out my soulCast of Horribles
Feb 23It's not always an easy bargainCast of Horribles
Feb 22I should be sleepingCast of Horribles
Feb 19I have to stop living in my small headCast of Horribles
Feb 18I would be richCast of Horribles
Feb 17What haven't you told meCast of Horribles
Feb 16Injustice is a dish best served coldCast of Horribles
Feb 15There is no perfect worldCast of Horribles
Feb 14To the love of my lifeCast of Horribles
Feb 12"You're a psycho"Cast of Horribles
Feb 11There are worse things in the worldCast of Horribles
Feb 10It loses its meaning the further away I goCast of Horribles
Feb 9The emperor has no clothesCast of Horribles
Feb 8They want me to changeCast of Horribles
Feb 5Sometimes frogs do fall from the skyCast of Horribles
Feb 4That's going to be us some dayCast of Horribles
Feb 3If I lived in a different timeCast of Horribles
Feb 2I never said I knew very muchCast of Horribles
Feb 1Too hot to doodleCast of Horribles
Jan 29There's more to life than scribblesCast of Horribles
Jan 27Even happy people have sad daysCast of Horribles
Jan 26The truth of it allCast of Horribles
Jan 25"Now that all the thinking's done you can take over the project"Cast of Horribles
Jan 22Desperate ExcusesCast of Horribles
Jan 21Weather MastheadsMusing
Jan 21"The world is almost in my grasp"Cast of Horribles
Jan 20So alike and yet so differentCast of Horribles
Jan 19Speak to meCast of Horribles
Jan 18You grow desensitive to it after awhileCast of Horribles
Jan 15Please don't talk to meCast of Horribles
Jan 14I haven't forgotten about youCast of Horribles
Jan 13There are some things even I am uncomfortable sharingCast of Horribles
Jan 12I want to create somethingCast of Horribles
Jan 11I don't do small talk--I just have strong beliefs about the weatherCast of Horribles
Jan 8Lots to think onCast of Horribles
Jan 7Do I even know me?Cast of Horribles
Jan 6I always thought I had . . . something important in meCast of Horribles
Jan 5It is so important that you're hereCast of Horribles
Jan 4Try the idea before spending too much time on itCast of Horribles
Jan 1We're ready for your adventureCast of Horribles
Dec 31I know all about meCast of Horribles
Dec 30"You've been quiet lately"Cast of Horribles
Dec 29Unstarted StartsMusing
Dec 29What are all these pixels for?Cast of Horribles
Dec 28Don't mention the wolvesCast of Horribles
Dec 27If I had something to sayMusing
Dec 25It's not summer yet!Cast of Horribles
Dec 23"They made me this happy"Cast of Horribles
Dec 21"They're listening to our every word"Cast of Horribles
Dec 17"Knowing the future and changing the future are two different animals"Cast of Horribles
Dec 16Happy Chanukah!Cast of Horribles
Dec 14You can always use more explosionsCast of Horribles
Dec 11I don't know why I thought I could do itCast of Horribles
Dec 9The skunkworksCast of Horribles
Dec 7I should be doing somethingCast of Horribles
Dec 4I need you for other purposesCast of Horribles
Dec 2It's what time?Cast of Horribles
Nov 23There are things they don't teach meCast of Horribles
Nov 22Summary of Nanowrimo 2009Musing
Nov 21Nanowrimo 2009 Day 21Musing
Nov 20Nanowrimo 2009 Day 20Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2009 Day 19Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2009 Day 18Musing
Nov 18Like a beanstalk to waterCast of Horribles
Nov 17Nanowrimo 2009 Day 17Musing
Nov 16Nanowrimo 2009 Day 16Musing
Nov 15Nanowrimo 2009 Day 15Musing
Nov 14Nanowrimo 2009 Day 14Musing
Nov 13Nanowrimo 2009 Day 13Musing
Nov 12Nanowrimo 2009 Day 12Musing
Nov 11Nanowrimo 2009 Day 11Musing
Nov 10Nanowrimo 2009 Day 10Musing
Nov 9Nanowrimo 2009 Day 9Musing
Nov 8Nanowrimo 2009 Day 8Musing
Nov 7Nanowrimo 2009 Day 7Musing
Nov 6Nanowrimo 2009 Day 6Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo 2009 Day 5Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo 2009 Day 4Musing
Nov 3Nanowrimo 2009 Day 3Musing
Nov 2Nanowrimo 2009 Day 2Musing
Nov 1Nanowrimo 2009 Day 1Musing
Oct 30What are you waiting for?Cast of Horribles
Oct 28The possibilities are frighteningly possibleCast of Horribles
Oct 19Arrived in Taipei (or Stop Worrying, Moms)Musing
Oct 16Steeped in BooksCast of Horribles
Oct 14"There's something I've always wanted to tell you"Cast of Horribles
Oct 12"You are very predictable"Cast of Horribles
Oct 9"Oh, I'm going to tell on you!"Cast of Horribles
Oct 7"You need to know you're going to succeed before you start"Cast of Horribles
Oct 5We've hit an equilibriumCast of Horribles
Oct 3It's how I wake upCast of Horribles
Sep 30I thought I was better than thatCast of Horribles
Sep 25Just call it somethingCast of Horribles
Sep 23Sometimes you want to reinvent the wheelCast of Horribles
Sep 21There's someone I want you to meetCast of Horribles
Sep 18They're coming for meCast of Horribles
Sep 16Who's the real seeker?Cast of Horribles
Sep 14Too many shapesCast of Horribles
Sep 11RachelCast of Horribles
Sep 9It's my listening postCast of Horribles
Sep 4There's a world waiting to communicate with meCast of Horribles
Sep 2There is magic afootCast of Horribles
Aug 31I was feeling blueCast of Horribles
Aug 28I used to know the right way homeCast of Horribles
Aug 26I need to protect her from the badnessCast of Horribles
Aug 24Chicken scratchCast of Horribles
Aug 21Things look weird some daysCast of Horribles
Aug 19I thought it was in meCast of Horribles
Aug 18"The internet told me they put stuff in my water"Cast of Horribles
Aug 17I have to get it out of my systemCast of Horribles
Aug 14"Keep up, will you?"Cast of Horribles
Aug 13Witty tagline would go hereCast of Horribles
Aug 12On a moonlit nightCast of Horribles
Aug 11"Those are not dust bunnies, they're dust monsters"Cast of Horribles
Aug 10The slingerCast of Horribles
Aug 7Too tired to get up, too scared to go to sleepCast of Horribles
Aug 6We know all your secretsCast of Horribles
Aug 5Looking toward the futureCast of Horribles
Aug 4Double tappingMusing
Aug 4Going through the motionsCast of Horribles
Aug 3The sensitive goatMusing
Aug 3"I want you to write the same mail but use my words"Cast of Horribles
Aug 2The continuation of nothingnessMusing
Aug 1Unrequited ConsternationsMusing
Jul 31I missed the dayCast of Horribles
Jul 30"The other Jewish Cabal controls the country"Cast of Horribles
Jul 29I feel fat todayCast of Horribles
Jul 28It doesn't make a soundCast of Horribles
Jul 27People really do careCast of Horribles
Jul 24Movie Time!Cast of Horribles
Jul 23Yesterday's sleep is still all over meCast of Horribles
Jul 16There's a break in my tubesCast of Horribles
Jul 15Short tiny stepsCast of Horribles
Jul 14If I lived in a video gameCast of Horribles
Jul 13I thought I'd stickCast of Horribles
Jul 10You don't always need to answerCast of Horribles
Jul 9Am I really that ugly?Cast of Horribles
Jul 8You should be scared!Musing
Jul 8The next best thing to drinking itCast of Horribles
Jul 7I got nothingCast of Horribles
Jul 6I'm always waiting for something to happenCast of Horribles
Jul 2We all have our styleCast of Horribles
Jul 1The queenCast of Horribles
Jun 30Chasing sleepCast of Horribles
Jun 29"If I tell amusing anecdotes then I don't really need to say anything"Cast of Horribles
Jun 26Wonderful things are worth the waitCast of Horribles
Jun 25"What you want and what you receive is a matter of will"Cast of Horribles
Jun 24I wanted to make something realCast of Horribles
Jun 23If nobody can hear it, it's for youCast of Horribles
Jun 22I was so closeCast of Horribles
Jun 19I forget that you're thereCast of Horribles
Jun 18You have nothing to worry aboutCast of Horribles
Jun 17I feel out of sorts todayCast of Horribles
Jun 16It's a lovely landCast of Horribles
Jun 15You can always go there in your headCast of Horribles
Jun 12"How easily we came together proves the real conspiracy"Cast of Horribles
Jun 11"Pretend fear no longer scares me"Cast of Horribles
Jun 10The world could be a happy placeCast of Horribles
Jun 9"I know all about you"Cast of Horribles
Jun 8"All unreasonable outcomes have unreasonable causes"Cast of Horribles
Jun 5There's someone waiting for meCast of Horribles
Jun 4I'm drowning in itCast of Horribles
Jun 3Love isn't always the answerCast of Horribles
Jun 2When will you lead me to adventure?Cast of Horribles
Jun 1"Just don't tell your mother"Cast of Horribles
May 29If only they knew the truthCast of Horribles
May 28It reminds me of my other sideCast of Horribles
May 27There must be an easier wayCast of Horribles
May 26You shouldn't hide who you areCast of Horribles
May 22I know I'm looking goodCast of Horribles
May 21Some days it's not worth getting out of bedCast of Horribles
May 20It has to start from somewhereCast of Horribles
May 19I can't believe I was wrongCast of Horribles
May 18The first moving picturesCast of Horribles
May 17The universe must be looking out for me, right?Cast of Horribles
May 15There are strange things everywhereCast of Horribles
May 14Dreaming it is only the first stepCast of Horribles
May 13He said I was ordinaryCast of Horribles
May 12Just keep movingCast of Horribles
May 11It's all collapsing in on itselfCast of Horribles
May 10There is nothing like the first dayCast of Horribles
May 9It's worse than we thoughtCast of Horribles
May 8Things are simpler in the woodsCast of Horribles
May 7You don't know what you don't knowCast of Horribles
May 6Not everything needs to be so complicatedCast of Horribles
May 5The tidiness of dreamsCast of Horribles
May 4I just keep staring at itCast of Horribles
May 3It tells me to do thingsCast of Horribles
May 2What is becoming of your sister?Cast of Horribles
May 1It wasn't meCast of Horribles
Apr 30Winter doldrumsCast of Horribles
Apr 29Stop putting me in your boxCast of Horribles
Apr 25"But you're a monk!"Cast of Horribles
Apr 24This is really about nothingCast of Horribles
Apr 23There's a whole world out thereCast of Horribles
Apr 22There are sleep monstersCast of Horribles
Apr 21What if I moved and did things?Cast of Horribles
Apr 20Does anyone hear me?Cast of Horribles
Apr 19The jester is good for the soulCast of Horribles
Apr 18It's not kid stuffCast of Horribles
Apr 17My philosophy is overratedCast of Horribles
Apr 16It feels like foreverCast of Horribles
Apr 15Do you think he'll take me away?Cast of Horribles
Apr 14It draws the eyeCast of Horribles
Apr 13We're back for moreCast of Horribles
Apr 8The addicts roam the nightCast of Horribles
Apr 7I can't stop scribblingCast of Horribles
Apr 6HappinessCast of Horribles
Apr 5The start is hours awayCast of Horribles
Apr 4Life is sometimes surprisingly simpleCast of Horribles
Apr 3I can't stop looking at myselfCast of Horribles
Apr 2The day's demons still haunt meCast of Horribles
Apr 1It's the new retro lookCast of Horribles
Mar 31There are only five possibilitiesCast of Horribles
Mar 30Great ideas float on the autumn windsCast of Horribles
Mar 29Don't let her innocent looks fool youCast of Horribles
Mar 28Magic is as magic doesCast of Horribles
Mar 27You need me most on the darkest nightsCast of Horribles
Mar 26It's about mental preparationCast of Horribles
Mar 25Just visitingCast of Horribles
Mar 24Each blank page is a new opportunityCast of Horribles
Mar 23The copying treeCast of Horribles
Mar 22Drama requires dark timesCast of Horribles
Mar 21I need something more blendedCast of Horribles
Mar 20It was bound to happen sooner or laterCast of Horribles
Mar 19It's never as bad as it looksCast of Horribles
Mar 18I need a release at timesCast of Horribles
Mar 17"You look like a muppet"Cast of Horribles
Mar 16BoomCast of Horribles
Mar 15Who watches the Horribles?Cast of Horribles
Mar 14We're all in our little bubblesCast of Horribles
Mar 13I like to pretend I have important thoughtsCast of Horribles
Mar 12It's never enoughCast of Horribles
Mar 11It is all thereCast of Horribles
Mar 10There's more to thisCast of Horribles
Mar 9"This is what I call self cleaning"Cast of Horribles
Mar 8War is the only way to ensure everyone gets alongCast of Horribles
Mar 7Come here my sexy machineCast of Horribles
Mar 6Summer endsCast of Horribles
Mar 5Stop sneeringCast of Horribles
Mar 4I forgot what I was going to sayCast of Horribles
Mar 3Let's go find us some castlesCast of Horribles
Mar 2"You know you want to join me"Cast of Horribles
Mar 1Keep your eyes on the targetCast of Horribles
Feb 28"I think I found the problem"Cast of Horribles
Feb 27One last photo before the season endsCast of Horribles
Feb 26I need to stand outCast of Horribles
Feb 25I want to copy something but I can't figure whatCast of Horribles
Feb 24I can't stop tinkeringCast of Horribles
Feb 23"You were so cute--what happened?"Cast of Horribles
Feb 22So this is what it feels like to work againCast of Horribles
Feb 21It's all in how you see itCast of Horribles
Feb 20How will I fill my library now?Cast of Horribles
Feb 19If you don't do it every day, you forget why you do itCast of Horribles
Feb 18"Don't let me get in the way"Cast of Horribles
Feb 17They're surprisingly good at role playingCast of Horribles
Feb 16"Can you love a robot?"Cast of Horribles
Feb 15"B-b-b-button?"Cast of Horribles
Feb 14I wanted to grow my love this yearCast of Horribles
Feb 12And then something happenedCast of Horribles
Feb 11"You forgot a piece"Cast of Horribles
Feb 10How can someone this awesome be this exhausting?Cast of Horribles
Feb 8Hindsight makes the best prophecyCast of Horribles
Feb 5They're all starting to look like meCast of Horribles
Feb 4I feel disconnected from everythingCast of Horribles
Feb 3It shouldn't be this wayCast of Horribles
Feb 1We're all replaceableCast of Horribles
Jan 29My greatest fear is someone answersCast of Horribles
Jan 27It's not always as it seemsCast of Horribles
Jan 25Another bad hair dayCast of Horribles
Jan 22And I smote with much vengenceCast of Horribles
Jan 20Think the good thoughtsCast of Horribles
Jan 18How do I not measure my worth by others?Cast of Horribles
Jan 15Sometimes you don't see it comingCast of Horribles
Jan 13There's something I have to show youCast of Horribles
Jan 11There is light at the end of every tunnelCast of Horribles
Jan 11There is light at the end of every tunnel (alternative)Cast of Horribles
Jan 8"It approaches"Cast of Horribles
Jan 6It used to mean somethingCast of Horribles
Jan 1It passed without a soundCast of Horribles
Dec 30I lose myself in thereCast of Horribles
Dec 25Happy is as happy doesCast of Horribles
Dec 23It's not easy being brilliantCast of Horribles
Dec 20My Stroke of Insight: A Brain Scientist's Personal JourneyMusing
Dec 18"It's always best to get somebody else to do your fighting"Cast of Horribles
Dec 16Trace onCast of Horribles
Dec 14Bluebeard (Delta Fiction)Musing
Dec 14It could happenCast of Horribles
Dec 11It's my biggest enemyCast of Horribles
Dec 9It's not always out thereCast of Horribles
Dec 4I'm just not good enough to wait forCast of Horribles
Dec 2WatchmenMusing
Dec 2"It's ex nihilo at some point"Cast of Horribles
Nov 25Don't think, don't thinkCast of Horribles
Nov 24The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt (Modern Library Paperbacks)Musing
Nov 21Nanowrimo 2008 RevisitedMusing
Nov 20Nanowrimo 2008 Day 20Musing
Nov 20"Before I answer I have to show you silence"Cast of Horribles
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2008 Day 19Musing
Nov 18Nanowrimo 2008 Day 18Musing
Nov 18The quantum state is your real stateCast of Horribles
Nov 17Nanowrimo 2008 Day 17Musing
Nov 16Nanowrimo 2008 Day 16Musing
Nov 15Nanowrimo 2008 Day 15Musing
Nov 14Nanowrimo 2008 Day 14Musing
Nov 13Nanowrimo 2008 Day 13Musing
Nov 13It's not all scribblesCast of Horribles
Nov 12Nanowrimo 2008 Day 12Musing
Nov 11Nanowrimo 2008 Day 11Musing
Nov 11It's happening againCast of Horribles
Nov 10Nanowrimo 2008 Day 10Musing
Nov 9Nanowrimo 2008 Day 9Musing
Nov 8Nanowrimo 2008 Day 8Musing
Nov 7Nanowrimo 2008 Day 7Musing
Nov 6Nanowrimo 2008 Day 6Musing
Nov 6I can't stand to watch the endCast of Horribles
Nov 5Nanowrimo 2008 Day 5Musing
Nov 4Nanowrimo 2008 Day 4Musing
Nov 4What if they don't like me?Cast of Horribles
Nov 3Nanowrimo 2008 Day 3Musing
Nov 2Nanowrimo 2008 Day 2Musing
Nov 1Nanowrimo 2008 Day 1Musing
Oct 30It's raining pine conesCast of Horribles
Oct 30More MySQL ProblemsMusing
Oct 28"And where have you been?"Cast of Horribles
Oct 28I'm back!Musing
Oct 23Her favorite part of the dog park: the walk homeCast of Horribles
Oct 21"Life is about connecting with the infinite"Cast of Horribles
Oct 16If you don't think about it, it won't be badCast of Horribles
Oct 14Hunger turns me into a monsterCast of Horribles
Oct 12First thoughts on the 2008 MarathonMusing
Oct 8Some mornings barely crawl alongCast of Horribles
Oct 7I'll always be there, in your memoriesCast of Horribles
Oct 2Don't be afraid to paint the worldCast of Horribles
Sep 30Nobody ever sees meCast of Horribles
Sep 25Lost in scribblesCast of Horribles
Sep 23Hide and then seekCast of Horribles
Sep 22The Escape ArtistsMusing
Sep 18Life is the pursuit of random numbersCast of Horribles
Sep 17So say something alreadyMusing
Sep 16My best friend was a geniusCast of Horribles
Sep 11Your sexy leg will not protect youCast of Horribles
Sep 9She thinks she's so seriousCast of Horribles
Sep 4Is it real at all?Cast of Horribles
Sep 2And so it goesCast of Horribles
Sep 1Kosher DeliMusing
Sep 1Kosher Deli ConsternationsMusing
Aug 28It's looking at me againCast of Horribles
Aug 26It never rains in the summerCast of Horribles
Aug 25The Yiddish Policemen's Union: A Novel (P.S.)Musing
Aug 21They know all about meCast of Horribles
Aug 19It's where my day goesCast of Horribles
Aug 15Foreskin's LamentMusing
Aug 14"Button mutton"Cast of Horribles
Aug 12I keep seeing them looking at meCast of Horribles
Aug 7It's a scorcherCast of Horribles
Aug 5I used to know how to do thisCast of Horribles
Aug 1The showerMusing
Jul 31Nodding to the boom-boom-tatCast of Horribles
Jul 29I got nothingCast of Horribles
Jul 24If only I could fitCast of Horribles
Jul 22Some things are good to be left aloneCast of Horribles
Jul 22Rachel's DoodleMusing
Jul 17The words make up crapCast of Horribles
Jul 16The long websiteMusing
Jul 15It's been a long timeCast of Horribles
Jul 8"He's getting away!"Cast of Horribles
Jul 6Liver-Spotted VoyeurismMusing
Jul 3She moved in so quicklyCast of Horribles
Jul 1Be scared, very scaredCast of Horribles
Jun 30Bicycles for the DooliesMusing
Jun 26So little left in thereCast of Horribles
Jun 24The beauty never really leftCast of Horribles
Jun 19Dignity always has its priceCast of Horribles
Jun 19Three-winged birdMusing
Jun 17"Don't look so scared"Cast of Horribles
Jun 12We should be back thereCast of Horribles
Jun 10Don't ask questionsCast of Horribles
Jun 9JK Rowling's Commencement SpeechMusing
Jun 8Doolies's Birthday!Musing
Jun 5Button comes homeCast of Horribles
Jun 3Bored to tearsCast of Horribles
Jun 1Horribles FightMusing
May 29Some dreams you grab hold and hang on for the rideCast of Horribles
May 27It's out thereCast of Horribles
May 22Asmin calls to youCast of Horribles
May 20You knew I was comingCast of Horribles
May 15He calls to meCast of Horribles
May 13The eye-levelCast of Horribles
May 12Slow news weekMusing
May 8He drives me mad sometimesCast of Horribles
May 6You'd think I could be all things to all peopleCast of Horribles
May 5Who says you can't learn something from video games?Musing
May 1Giving in to the massesMusing
May 1You don't know what's possible until you tryCast of Horribles
Apr 29Beautiful ValleysMusing
Apr 29It drowns out the world's problemsCast of Horribles
Apr 2434Cast of Horribles
Apr 22We're registered familyCast of Horribles
Apr 17What now?Cast of Horribles
Apr 15Move Status ReportMusing
Apr 15"He's never going to leave his little world now"Cast of Horribles
Apr 11Official Move-in DayMusing
Apr 10Periodic ElementsCast of Horribles
Apr 8Furniture Move-in dayMusing
Apr 8Drunken chickenCast of Horribles
Apr 3It knows everything about meCast of Horribles
Apr 1You can't say I never take you anywhereCast of Horribles
Mar 31We closed!Musing
Mar 27It's almost that time againCast of Horribles
Mar 25Rainy nightsCast of Horribles
Mar 20"The truth is not always in the projection"Cast of Horribles
Mar 18We're only automatic ballthrowers to himCast of Horribles
Mar 15Dr. Julie Hsieh's WebsiteMusing
Mar 13She's a scary ladyCast of Horribles
Mar 11I'm busy creating a world for youCast of Horribles
Mar 9It's always good to peek outside the pitCast of Horribles
Mar 7It's the thought that countsCast of Horribles
Mar 4Science Fiction NovelsMusing
Mar 4The silence is deafeningCast of Horribles
Mar 2Drunk and stuffedCast of Horribles
Feb 28They're up thereCast of Horribles
Feb 26They all look so similar but yet so differentCast of Horribles
Feb 24It's almost finishedCast of Horribles
Feb 21Things I never should have done but did anywayCast of Horribles
Feb 19They'll never find me in hereCast of Horribles
Feb 17She doesn't need me anymoreCast of Horribles
Feb 14The TP'd HouseMusing
Feb 14There's not much in thereCast of Horribles
Feb 12Just a little bit closerCast of Horribles
Feb 10The hair makes the womanCast of Horribles
Feb 7"There's right and then there's what we decide"Cast of Horribles
Feb 5Daily Honeymoon Photo AlbumsMusing
Feb 5The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A MemoirMusing
Feb 5Litterer!Cast of Horribles
Feb 4You Suck: A Love StoryMusing
Feb 3I'm losing itCast of Horribles
Jan 31The cape isn't necessary, but it sure is funCast of Horribles
Jan 29Sometimes you lose what you're going to sayCast of Horribles
Jan 28Big and scary wavesMusing
Jan 27Garbage SeaMusing
Jan 25Hiking up the giantMusing
Jan 24Relax the DayMusing
Jan 23Potholed RoadsMusing
Jan 22SNUBA and rocksMusing
Jan 21New days and light rainMusing
Jan 21ArrivalMusing
Jan 20You're only involved as much as you want to be involvedCast of Horribles
Jan 17ButtonMusing
Jan 17The sorry state of affairsCast of Horribles
Jan 15Understanding Comics: The Invisible ArtMusing
Jan 15Rejected againCast of Horribles
Jan 14Amulet, Book One: The StonekeeperMusing
Jan 13Too tiredCast of Horribles
Jan 10You don't always have to look carefullyCast of Horribles
Jan 8And now with feelingCast of Horribles
Jan 6Shades of grayCast of Horribles
Jan 3I'm spiraling downwardsCast of Horribles
Jan 2Weather DoodlesMusing
Jan 1I need enjoyment againMusing
Jan 1The moonlight in your eyesCast of Horribles
Dec 31NAIS is alive!Musing
Dec 30I become lost in my projectsCast of Horribles
Dec 30The grass isn't nearly that greenMusing
Dec 28MySQL BuddiesMusing
Dec 27I'm sick of looking at myselfCast of Horribles
Dec 25We bought him for sheer entertainment valueCast of Horribles
Dec 23The mutants walk among usCast of Horribles
Dec 20There are some things I don't want to knowCast of Horribles
Dec 18She'll be fineCast of Horribles
Dec 16Just a few hours, reallyCast of Horribles
Dec 16Over-thought SolutionsMusing
Dec 14NAIS NotesMusing
Dec 13They look so innocentCast of Horribles
Dec 11So supportive!Cast of Horribles
Dec 9Much more work than it's worthCast of Horribles
Dec 6He loves leftover people foodCast of Horribles
Dec 6Painfully regular expressionsMusing
Dec 5Python is awfully temptingMusing
Dec 4The world changes in a momentCast of Horribles
Dec 3It’s a permalink, stupidMusing
Dec 2I can't believe people pay for thisCast of Horribles
Nov 30To Flickr or not to FlickrMusing
Nov 29We've missed youCast of Horribles
Nov 29Flickr and other useful toolsMusing
Nov 29Overly Complicated URLsMusing
Nov 29Database, ShmatabaseMusing
Nov 27Internet Sharing on the AT&T Q9Musing
Nov 27Silent goalsCast of Horribles
Nov 26Nanowrimo Day 26Musing
Nov 24Nanowrimo Day 23Musing
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Musing
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Musing
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Musing
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Musing
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Musing
Nov 16On hiatusCast of Horribles
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Musing
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Musing
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Musing
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Musing
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Musing
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Musing
Nov 9Nanowrimo Day 9Musing
Nov 8Nanowrimo Day 8Musing
Nov 7Nanowrimo Day 7Musing
Nov 6Nanowrimo Day 6Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo Day 5Musing
Nov 4Nanowrimo Day 4Musing
Nov 3Nanowrimo Day 3Musing
Nov 2Nanowrimo Day 2Musing
Nov 1Nanowrimo Day 1Musing
Oct 31I constantly need to know if anyone likes meCast of Horribles
Oct 30Do I really look like a sperm?Cast of Horribles
Oct 29The Marathon fast approachesCast of Horribles
Oct 28Five Writing StrengthsMusing
Oct 28They like me, they really like meCast of Horribles
Oct 25It seemed so much worse when other people did itCast of Horribles
Oct 24A last-minute summerCast of Horribles
Oct 23They know my secretCast of Horribles
Oct 22I'm too tired to careCast of Horribles
Oct 21"Sometimes my own gorgeousness scares me"Cast of Horribles
Oct 18It's exhausting being around some peopleCast of Horribles
Oct 17Do you think he's getting better?Cast of Horribles
Oct 16You smell like truffle oilCast of Horribles
Oct 15There's only one place to go when you're on a pedestalCast of Horribles
Oct 14Let the dismemberment commenceCast of Horribles
Oct 11He's growing so fastCast of Horribles
Oct 10"If I know what you're going to say, do I really have to listen?"Cast of Horribles
Oct 9"It's just that you always keep moving forward"Cast of Horribles
Oct 8There's something she's not telling meCast of Horribles
Oct 7She has an entire life outside of meCast of Horribles
Oct 4Not everything is about ZiggyCast of Horribles
Oct 3I feel smaller every dayCast of Horribles
Oct 2I feel like I'm off my gameCast of Horribles
Oct 1My three-thousand dollar mirrorCast of Horribles
Sep 30Evolution's great jokeCast of Horribles
Sep 26Is it still rejection if you weren't sure you wanted to succeed?Cast of Horribles
Sep 25Hold her steadyCast of Horribles
Sep 24We're so proud of himCast of Horribles
Sep 23There are some dreams I can never give upCast of Horribles
Sep 20There is much we need to talk aboutCast of Horribles
Sep 19The last one always holds on strongestCast of Horribles
Sep 18Will it ever stop?Cast of Horribles
Sep 17I don't need a reason to be hereCast of Horribles
Sep 16There's not much energy leftCast of Horribles
Sep 11"Keep your head down, you're supposed to be empty"Cast of Horribles
Sep 10Moonlight always seems to have answersCast of Horribles
Sep 9"It's liberating to speak and know you have no audience"Cast of Horribles
Sep 6Don't stifle meCast of Horribles
Sep 5I sometimes get carried awayCast of Horribles
Sep 4"Many times you didn't know you had a choice until after you chose"Cast of Horribles
Sep 3"I feel like we're stuck together and I can't pull free"Cast of Horribles
Sep 2That will never hang on my wallCast of Horribles
Aug 30I have to rest my arms sometimesCast of Horribles
Aug 29Magical power always trumps your fashion senseCast of Horribles
Aug 28When exercising you take no prisonersCast of Horribles
Aug 27It does funny things to youCast of Horribles
Aug 27Harry Potter ManiaMusing
Aug 26Don't bother hiding from the dayCast of Horribles
Aug 23I can't take my eyes off of itCast of Horribles
Aug 22It has to flow from somewhereCast of Horribles
Aug 21Reality changes when I haven't sleptCast of Horribles
Aug 21Each day doesn't mean what you think it meansMusing
Aug 20It's never what you expectCast of Horribles
Aug 20Short Consternated BattlesMusing
Aug 19What happened to your writing?Cast of Horribles
Aug 17Just start writing again. Please!Musing
Aug 16ChowCast of Horribles
Aug 15I should be in moviesCast of Horribles
Aug 14That next step is a doozyCast of Horribles
Aug 13If they all insist I'm wrong, how can I not be right?Cast of Horribles
Aug 12It tells me thingsCast of Horribles
Aug 9The dolphins will save me, right?Cast of Horribles
Aug 8I never know how I will wakeCast of Horribles
Aug 7Happiness is about choosing the only wayCast of Horribles
Aug 6How do I remove a lifetime of negativity?Cast of Horribles
Aug 5Once you throw it, there's nothing you can doCast of Horribles
Aug 2Burning away the coversCast of Horribles
Aug 1They all greet the dayCast of Horribles
Jul 31To clear up the confusionCast of Horribles
Jul 30I can't believe I thought of giving you upCast of Horribles
Jul 29Why won't they stop talking at us?Cast of Horribles
Jul 26It's where ideas growCast of Horribles
Jul 25That first step is a doozyCast of Horribles
Jul 24So we meetCast of Horribles
Jul 23I can't believe how quickly he's taken overCast of Horribles
Jul 22It tells you something if you listenCast of Horribles
Jul 19I can't find herCast of Horribles
Jul 18Cast of Horribles is ALIVE!Musing
Jul 18My new homeCast of Horribles
Jul 17We approachCast of Horribles
Jul 16I'm pulled in so many directionsCast of Horribles
Jul 15Summer hits like a bag of boltsCast of Horribles
Jul 13It's always worse than they sayCast of Horribles
Jul 12I can't expect anyone to understandCast of Horribles
Jul 10Summer approaches most unexpectantlyCast of Horribles
Jul 9We all don't want to be heroesCast of Horribles
Jul 8Complaints reaching dangerous levelsCast of Horribles
Jul 5There's always more to doCast of Horribles
Jul 4No such thing as the real worldCast of Horribles
Jul 3A return to stillnessCast of Horribles
Jun 29If you fly fast enough you'll live foreverCast of Horribles
Jun 27What I want to do, and what I really want to doCast of Horribles
Jun 26Married!Musing
Jun 26You told me this ring would give me magical powersCast of Horribles
Jun 26Never mistake lack of attention for lack of interestCast of Horribles
Jun 20Falling closer is no different than drifting awayCast of Horribles
Jun 20The downfall of the humansMusing
Jun 19You're looking strong todayCast of Horribles
Jun 19The ruin of vanilla ice creamMusing
Jun 18She’s a stone’s throw awayMusing
Jun 17Long time until sleepCast of Horribles
Jun 17Scary first stepsMusing
Jun 14Emptiness is the bastion for new ideasCast of Horribles
Jun 13The smallest things set me offCast of Horribles
Jun 12Too exhausted for wordsCast of Horribles
Jun 11Spring needs a bit of encouragementCast of Horribles
Jun 10Hunger is a mood unstabilizerCast of Horribles
Jun 8Boston with the DooliesMusing
Jun 6Going up is all the funCast of Horribles
Jun 6Everyone has their own lookCast of Horribles
Jun 4Dark tables don't tell talesCast of Horribles
Jun 3If I only knew now what I'll know thenCast of Horribles
May 31You blend in after a whileCast of Horribles
May 30I'm useless without herCast of Horribles
May 29They don't know I existCast of Horribles
May 28Everyone is famous somewhere, right?Cast of Horribles
May 27Dr. Julie Show website part 2Musing
May 27Life changes when people drop in to stayCast of Horribles
May 24Soft whispersCast of Horribles
May 23Will she notice?Cast of Horribles
May 22A white-water bachelor partyMusing
May 22It tells me somethingCast of Horribles
May 21Simple thoughts for a simple dayCast of Horribles
May 20Understanding is not everythingCast of Horribles
May 17Pre-month JittersMusing
May 17Matzoball soup: soggy bread never tasted so goodCast of Horribles
May 16Stand behind meCast of Horribles
May 15They're expecting me to say somethingCast of Horribles
May 14I'm low pressure!Cast of Horribles
May 13I'm getting oldCast of Horribles
May 13Even day trips need preparationCast of Horribles
May 10It's early stillCast of Horribles
May 10It's comingCast of Horribles
May 8There's so much I don't knowCast of Horribles
May 7Way up thereCast of Horribles
May 6It's just that simpleCast of Horribles
May 3Creation is a state of mind over an extended periodCast of Horribles
May 2I'm tired just thinking about SpringCast of Horribles
May 1She's been like this since she returned homeCast of Horribles
Apr 30Every boy has the same dreamCast of Horribles
Apr 29Mornings are one big canvasCast of Horribles
Apr 27They're all doing something tonightCast of Horribles
Apr 26Progress is highly overvaluedCast of Horribles
Apr 25Happy JuiceCast of Horribles
Apr 24Past nightsMusing
Apr 24Evening skyCast of Horribles
Apr 23The end is always in sightCast of Horribles
Apr 21They came in peace?Cast of Horribles
Apr 19I came all this way & I won't go inCast of Horribles
Apr 18Change is not always goodCast of Horribles
Apr 18The Gym GoesMusing
Apr 17Small StatureMusing
Apr 17He's strong enoughCast of Horribles
Apr 16Roped entryMusing
Apr 16Standing room onlyCast of Horribles
Apr 15Two shots and twenty minutesMusing
Apr 15Be careful what you eatCast of Horribles
Apr 12It wouldn't make a difference even if I could reach downCast of Horribles
Apr 11Cut it outCast of Horribles
Apr 10I can't understand it Cast of Horribles
Apr 10Second day bluesMusing
Apr 9Hiding in plain sight behind closed doorsCast of Horribles
Apr 9Serious LifeMusing
Apr 6I can lift myself upCast of Horribles
Apr 5She's everywhereCast of Horribles
Apr 4He's like me, he does nothingCast of Horribles
Apr 2There's something waitingCast of Horribles
Mar 29I will always be thereCast of Horribles
Mar 28It has to go somewhereCast of Horribles
Mar 27There should be laws against thisCast of Horribles
Mar 26All is not lost at nightCast of Horribles
Mar 25It's not to be trustedCast of Horribles
Mar 22Rainy nights and sunny daysCast of Horribles
Mar 21Wonder DrugsMusing
Mar 21People think better in circlesCast of Horribles
Mar 20It's as if I still see herCast of Horribles
Mar 19It doesn't take muchCast of Horribles
Mar 15It doesn't matter how hard I pullCast of Horribles
Mar 15Rubbish Draft 1Musing
Mar 15Fictional StrangenessMusing
Mar 14Tiny, tiny baby stepsMusing
Mar 14I don't see the pointCast of Horribles
Mar 13You have to jump head firstCast of Horribles
Mar 12I don't always measure upCast of Horribles
Mar 11Look but don't touchCast of Horribles
Mar 8You can't see inside meCast of Horribles
Mar 7SplitCast of Horribles
Mar 6My pillows will protect meCast of Horribles
Mar 6Wedding WebsiteMusing
Mar 5She's flyingCast of Horribles
Mar 3Dodging distractionsCast of Horribles
Mar 2Be wary around broken glassCast of Horribles
Mar 2My angelCast of Horribles
Feb 28Covet, covet, covetCast of Horribles
Feb 27Who are you, and why do you keep watching me?Cast of Horribles
Feb 26Whatever you do, you cannot look in the closetCast of Horribles
Feb 24It doesn't have all the answersCast of Horribles
Feb 23Moonlight makes everything beautifulCast of Horribles
Feb 23Gorged on MediaMusing
Feb 21Starting again is hardCast of Horribles
Feb 21Progress, ShmogressMusing
Feb 20It's in the name of progressCast of Horribles
Feb 20Who cares what I wishCast of Horribles
Feb 18He's plotting to take over the world, I can feel itCast of Horribles
Feb 17Sometimes you just can't wait for a new ideaCast of Horribles
Feb 16Good morning, treesCast of Horribles
Feb 15Evolution is a strange mistressCast of Horribles
Feb 15They look just like me!Cast of Horribles
Feb 13Wonton soup & grape juiceCast of Horribles
Feb 13Sometimes it's better to let goCast of Horribles
Feb 13The OntologistMusing
Feb 11He keeps looking at meCast of Horribles
Feb 10It's like we were made for each otherCast of Horribles
Feb 9"This is it, this is life"Cast of Horribles
Feb 9Casting the horriblesMusing
Feb 8The higher I climb, the bigger everything seemsCast of Horribles
Feb 8Turning off the tubesMusing
Feb 7It makes its own wayCast of Horribles
Feb 7Mushy ideasMusing
Feb 6Machine - notes 1Musing
Feb 6I can't say I understand it, but it is the new thingCast of Horribles
Feb 6Prodigy piano playerMusing
Feb 5Grandma's GoodbyeMusing
Feb 5Machine - draft 1Musing
Feb 5I hate slowing her downCast of Horribles
Feb 5Scanning PhotosMusing
Feb 4Safe journeysCast of Horribles
Feb 4Grandmother MollyMusing
Feb 3Silence is such a loud wordCast of Horribles
Feb 3Mimes they were notMusing
Feb 2Every night I see less and lessCast of Horribles
Feb 1Nothing worse than a lonely SundayCast of Horribles
Feb 1Consistent Tomfoolery Musing
Jan 31Coffee provides a false sense of philosophyCast of Horribles
Jan 31The Big Red PhoneMusing
Jan 31Returned ServeMusing
Jan 30There's a world outside the boxCast of Horribles
Jan 30Apocalyptic dreamsMusing
Jan 29There are some unmistakable signsCast of Horribles
Jan 29The Red Phone - draft 5Musing
Jan 29The story's last legsMusing
Jan 28I don't always want to know what's out thereCast of Horribles
Jan 28The Red Phone - draft 4Musing
Jan 28Doolies's Home ImprovementMusing
Jan 27I hope they'll accept meCast of Horribles
Jan 26I don't want to know who's thereCast of Horribles
Jan 26Doolies returns to a changed DavidMusing
Jan 25The Red Phone - draft 4Musing
Jan 25He must have lived an exciting lifeCast of Horribles
Jan 25Return of the Snowman (and the Doolies!)Musing
Jan 24I think she wants meCast of Horribles
Jan 24The Red Phone - draft 3Musing
Jan 24Recording wet thoughtsMusing
Jan 23Why is it all leaking out?Cast of Horribles
Jan 23The Red Phone - Draft 2Musing
Jan 23Diagnosis: squiggly depressionMusing
Jan 22It all seems so bigCast of Horribles
Jan 22Extension withdrawalMusing
Jan 21Go on without meCast of Horribles
Jan 21It’s another lonely SundayMusing
Jan 20She said she'd join meCast of Horribles
Jan 20Jewish Essay - draftMusing
Jan 20Blue skies and green treesMusing
Jan 19I wonder if they think of meCast of Horribles
Jan 19The perfect steakMusing
Jan 18They built it for meCast of Horribles
Jan 18Quiet placeholdersMusing
Jan 17The Red Phone - draft 1Musing
Jan 17I hate to disappointCast of Horribles
Jan 17Cellphone CrackMusing
Jan 16They came like thatCast of Horribles
Jan 16On gray-matter achesMusing
Jan 15He knows something is wrong with meCast of Horribles
Jan 15Exhibit A: Brain deteriorationMusing
Jan 14If only she were realCast of Horribles
Jan 14Criticize Away!Musing
Jan 14Growing GenerationallyMusing
Jan 14WaitingCast of Horribles
Jan 13Growing GenerationallyMusing
Jan 13Snow HeroesMusing
Jan 12Bad news for my dedicated reader(s)Musing
Jan 11Lamenting PierogiesMusing
Jan 10Snow TiresMusing
Jan 9Muddy ruts lined with cereal leavingsMusing
Jan 8New Baby DavidsMusing
Jan 8I used to write for me, now I write for others. I changed when I realized other people existed.Musing
Jan 8Friendship TestMusing
Jan 8Headlines that break across my nogginMusing
Jan 7Home Improve to ConsternationsMusing
Jan 6Overheard by Late Comers to a Dinner PartyMusing
Jan 6Don’t consternate, don’t consternateMusing
Jan 6Bunnies and TrucksMusing
Jan 5Don’t hate me because I’m talented with HTMLMusing
Jan 4Foundational Jewish TeachingsMusing
Jan 4Big Jewish Principles that I didn't get around to finishing todayMusing
Jan 33-Hour JetlagMusing
Jan 3Silfkin's Challenge - IntroductionMusing
Jan 2Filter? I don't need no stinking filter!Musing
Jan 2On Being a DinosaurMusing
Jan 1Faux ResolutionsMusing
Jan 1The meaningless control of even more meaningless wordsMusing
Dec 31Happy New Years!Musing
Dec 30Monster AtticsMusing
Dec 29Flying 'QuilsMusing
Dec 29Cat sat on the matMusing
Dec 28The clouds judge as they fly byMusing
Dec 28Dreamy End of YearMusing
Dec 27Take nothing and make nothing pieMusing
Dec 26On pithy notes that don't say very muchMusing
Dec 25Who needs slowly typed words to meet Goal?Musing
Dec 24Coughing and CavetchingMusing
Dec 24Failed ExperimentsMusing
Dec 23NoMusing
Dec 22Sickening pushMusing
Dec 22Go on without meMusing
Dec 21Spaced BarsMusing
Dec 202006-1973=33Musing
Dec 20Super PowersMusing
Dec 19Affirmative passwordsMusing
Dec 19Dialogue that goes nowhere and gets there very slowlyMusing
Dec 18There it is againMusing
Dec 17Timely ScribblesMusing
Dec 16Electricity but no internetMusing
Dec 16Eating Alone - Part IMusing
Dec 15Airport sittingsMusing
Dec 15Writing DirectionsMusing
Dec 15PowerlessMusing
Dec 14Long drive homeMusing
Dec 14Terrible IdeaMusing
Dec 14Jewels of IgnoranceMusing
Dec 13Snooze-button time
Dec 12Another day of high hopes Musing
Dec 12Derivative Crap IdeasMusing
Dec 11Sickly PokerMusing
Dec 10Silver MenorahsMusing
Dec 9Coffee musingsMusing
Dec 8SynopsesMusing
Dec 8The Safety Movie - SynopsisMusing
Dec 7The Noise - Part 2Musing
Dec 6Too many words left todayMusing
Dec 6BeautyMusing
Dec 5The NoiseMusing
Dec 4Getting here from thereMusing
Dec 4Different decisions different choicesMusing
Dec 3Wooden FloorsMusing
Dec 2Tiny KeyboardsMusing
Dec 1Sleep's EnvyMusing
Dec 1The Lone RangerMusing
Nov 30Wormy BrainsMusing
Nov 29If Only I Pounded Story CrudMusing
Nov 28Snowy WishesMusing
Nov 27Unnamed Photography Draft 1Musing
Nov 27Wired NightsMusing
Nov 26Mixing Beer with Karaoke is DangerousMusing
Nov 25Another day, another one thousand wordsMusing
Nov 24The Wedding Photo ShopMusing
Nov 24Finished Lines and ForksMusing
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Musing
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Musing
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Musing
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Musing
Nov 17Nanowrimo Day 17Musing
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Musing
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Musing
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Musing
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Musing
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Musing
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Musing
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Musing
Nov 9Nanowrimo Day 9Musing
Nov 8Nanowrimo Day 8Musing
Nov 7Nanowrimo Day 7Musing
Nov 6Nanowrimo Day 6Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo Day 5Musing
Nov 4Nanowrimo Day 4Musing
Nov 3Nanowrimo Day 3Musing
Nov 2Nanowrimo Day 2Musing
Nov 1Nanowrimo Day 1Musing
Oct 23Marathon RamblingsMusing
Oct 15It's about damn timeMusing
Oct 15Real Dogs Don't TalkMusing
Oct 14Notes on Talking DogsMusing
Sep 14Bolted Monster Musing
Sep 1The Spark of a Talking DogMusing
Aug 30Touching up old photosMusing
Aug 29Little BitesMusing
Aug 28Deflated InspirationsMusing
Aug 23ZeldaMusing
Aug 22Hotdog PromisesMusing
Aug 17Mindless MutteringsMusing
Aug 7Animals v.1Musing
Aug 7FakerMusing
Aug 1Camp SagamoreMusing
Jul 30Bright Red ThighsMusing
Jul 27Alice, Meet MoonMusing
Jul 24Creatures of the WallMusing
Jul 23Cushy ChairsMusing
Jul 18Muddy Tracks in the RugMusing
Jul 16Consternated Nothingness'ingMusing
Jun 27Left Lane HogsMusing
Jun 4Transcriptions of a Jewish Convers(at)ionMusing
May 29Keep that chin upMusing
May 29Mystery BrunchMusing
May 7It's Done!Musing
May 7The Killton Academy for the InsaneMusing
Apr 30Asylum DraftMusing
Apr 30Banana Non-StoriesMusing
Apr 27Doolies's Fish TankMusing
Apr 23Musings on a NapkinMusing
Apr 23Festering DialoguesMusing
Apr 17Zombie-Powered BrainsMusing
Apr 16MoonMusing
Apr 15Cloudy TreeMusing
Apr 14Brief ScuttleMusing
Apr 5FishiesMusing
Apr 5Bricks of ConsternationMusing
Apr 4Morning WatersMusing
Apr 3I Wish You Were Not HereMusing
Apr 3Stalking the WordsMusing
Apr 2Worm and BallMusing
Apr 2Anteater MonsterMusing
Mar 29Sun's EagleMusing
Mar 29Gym GoingsMusing
Mar 29Hidden BeautyMusing
Mar 28Island TreeMusing
Mar 28SwanMusing
Mar 27Rooster the MonsterMusing
Mar 27Monster in BoatMusing
Mar 26Sea MonsterMusing
Mar 26What I thought it meant to be an artistMusing
Mar 26Detective Milkshake (Very Rough First Draft)Musing
Mar 26Ping Pong EntryMusing
Mar 21Talk to the arm!Musing
Mar 20I hate that you always tell me what to doMusing
Mar 20Plane ScribblesMusing
Mar 20Pong ConsternationsMusing
Mar 16Present MonsterMusing
Mar 15Vacuum NoseMusing
Mar 15The Beeping DeadMusing
Mar 14BucktoothMusing
Mar 13Problems from aboveMusing
Mar 13Indecisive steadinessMusing
Mar 12Eyes AwalkingMusing
Mar 12PlaneyMusing
Mar 6It's been too longMusing
Feb 27Korea Trip ExplainedMusing
Feb 20Off to KoreaMusing
Feb 20PhotoshootMusing
Feb 19Stupid Lazy PassportsMusing
Feb 15Mmm...Ice CreamMusing
Feb 15More in a long line of boring, depressed drivel, where the title is longer than the contentMusing
Feb 13Wasted EffortsMusing
Feb 9Nothings GoingsMusing
Feb 6SleeplessnessMusing
Feb 3Conversion to JudaismMusing
Feb 1Researching SurrenderMusing
Jan 24No reason to wait no moreMusing
Jan 17Experiment in AsidesMusing
Jan 17Insensitive ClodMusing
Jan 16Transcriptions of a Jewish Convers(at)ion - DraftMusing
Jan 12SGGBY ResponseMusing
Jan 10Cocktail Party EssaysMusing
Jan 4PWAMusing
Jan 3Writing Truths I Never Knew (But Hopefully Intuited), Which Are Obvious and In Need of WatchingMusing
Jan 2On LanguageMusing
Dec 31Doolies's Jewish EssayMusing
Dec 29Doug LetterMusing
Dec 29DFW EssayMusing
Dec 27Starry WatercolorMusing
Dec 26Jewish EssayMusing
Dec 26Service IndustryMusing
Dec 26Fatty TowelMusing
Dec 25Drunk on AirplaneMusing
Dec 19Eyed MonsterMusing
Dec 19Swimming TurtleMusing
Dec 18Scribble the Random SamplingsMusing
Dec 18UnicornMusing
Dec 18Lady in SceneMusing
Dec 17Headache ManMusing
Dec 16Tendrils of SmokeMusing
Dec 16Chew the CigarMusing
Dec 15WitchMusing
Dec 15PunkerMusing
Dec 15Watermelon, watermelon, watermelon . . . What was that?Musing
Dec 15Piles of NothingsMusing
Dec 14DancerMusing
Dec 10Cutout HeadMusing
Dec 10DragonMusing
Dec 10Something beautifulMusing
Dec 9Empath ConnectionsMusing
Dec 7The Empath – initial ideasMusing
Dec 1Steaming PileMusing
Nov 29Nanowrimo Day 24Musing
Nov 23Nanowrimo Day 23Musing
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Musing
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Musing
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Musing
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Musing
Nov 17Nanowrimo Day 17Musing
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Musing
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Musing
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Musing
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Musing
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Musing
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Musing
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Musing
Nov 9Nanowrimo Day 9Musing
Nov 8Nanowrimo Day 8Musing
Nov 7Nanowrimo Day 7Musing
Nov 6Nanowrimo Day 6Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo Day 5Musing
Nov 4Nanowrimo Day 4Musing
Nov 3Nanowrimo Day 3Musing
Nov 2Nanowrimo Day 2Musing
Nov 1Nanowrimo Day 1Musing
Oct 29DooliesMarriesDavid.comMusing
Oct 24The Calm Before the Marathon (Nanowrimo)Musing
Oct 20Act I: The Wedding PlansMusing
Oct 20Hobbled RabbitsMusing
Oct 17RunMusing
Oct 13Fast BreadsMusing
Oct 11500 Good WordsMusing
Oct 11Serial Radio (Confrontation)Musing
Oct 10Retouched Old PhotosMusing
Oct 9Bitter StrugglesMusing
Oct 8Movied ramblingsMusing
Oct 7Waiting for the best of thingsMusing
Oct 6Fossil leavesMusing
Oct 6WordcountMusing
Oct 5Unexpected and Wonderful (again)Musing
Oct 4Putter downer of wordsMusing
Oct 4Shake Your HeadMusing
Sep 30San FranciscoMusing
Sep 30LowMusing
Sep 25Delayed ConsternationsMusing
Sep 19Streaking StormsMusing
Sep 17Late-Stage WithdrawalMusing
Sep 15Holy DentistMusing
Sep 13Droopy daysMusing
Sep 12Video-Game-Free DayMusing
Sep 11Something I should have done long agoMusing
Sep 8Moleskine IdealsMusing
Sep 6SearchingMusing
Sep 5The Stages of DenialMusing
Sep 5BarbequesMusing
Aug 26Beautiful SleepMusing
Aug 24Gap-Tooth WaitersMusing
Aug 24CrikesMusing
Aug 24Where's the Doolies?Musing
Aug 24Sleeping FitsMusing
Aug 21Nonsense Masquerading as NonsenseMusing
Aug 16Senseless RamblingsMusing
Aug 12Green JeansMusing
Aug 10CrispnessMusing
Aug 7Lonely EatingMusing
Jul 29Bad DaysMusing
Jul 27More Bad DialogueMusing
Jul 25Too Clever It's AnnoyingMusing
Jul 24PartnersMusing
Jul 23TetrisMusing
Jul 22It's Been Too LongMusing
Jul 22Ain’t hero fantasies the best?Musing
Jul 22RandomnessMusing
Jul 20Lipstick RoombaMusing
Jul 19Resting on LaurelsMusing
Jul 17CampsMusing
Jul 16Too. Many. Words.Musing
Jul 15Attention BreaksMusing
Jul 13Senseless RaisinsMusing
Jul 12Rest: Evil StudiesMusing
Jul 12LostMusing
Jul 7Chocolate TwirlsMusing
Jul 5Heads ApoundingMusing
Jul 5Evil StudiesMusing
Jul 4Lots of 'splosionsMusing
Jul 4Old People's DanceMusing
Jul 3Kicked in the PantsMusing
Jul 3Monkeys in a BarrelMusing
Jul 2Oil ChangesMusing
Jun 30Almost Writing AgainMusing
Jun 30Arm-Distance PhotographMusing
Jun 28Random TidbitsMusing
Jun 27Keep it SimpleMusing
Jun 25I am not a Lit. Major
Jun 24Caffeine-Free TidingsMusing
Jun 23Millions of SoldiersMusing
Jun 22Painful BusinessesMusing
Jun 22Hell of a Guy (plus other fragments)Musing
Jun 21Creatures Living in my RoofMusing
Jun 21Writing AffirmationsMusing
Jun 20Painter KidMusing
Jun 20Four WordsMusing
Jun 18Jerky FingersMusing
Jun 17Green-Haired MonsterMusing
Jun 17Distractions and Excuses (again)Musing
Jun 17Consternated OutliningMusing
Jun 15More than just picturesMusing
Jun 15Grape-Drinking SpidersMusing
Jun 15Engagement Story (notes and planning)Musing
Jun 15The Sizing ProblemMusing
Jun 15Excuses, excusesMusing
Jun 13Sneaky spidersMusing
Jun 13Writing as processMusing
Jun 12The Engagement Through Doolies’s Eyes (written by Doolies)Musing
Jun 12Two-thousand splitMusing
Jun 11Flights and FragmentsMusing
Jun 10Three PoisonsMusing
Jun 9Triangular FoodsMusing
Jun 9Conveying Emotions (crappy notes)Musing
Jun 8Melting MuseumsMusing
Jun 8Insomniac AddendumMusing
Jun 8EngagementMusing
Jun 7Temporary answers Musing
Jun 6Forced Star Wars WordsMusing
Jun 6Scattered Batman DreamMusing
Jun 5Groping Distractions and Sleeping Through BarbequesMusing
Jun 4The Ultimate in Written Diarrhea (Goals and goal)Musing
Jun 3Speedy TypistMusing
Jun 3Morbid IllusionsMusing
Jun 2Cold ShiversMusing
Jun 1George Who? (unfinished rewrite)Musing
Jun 1George's TomfooleryMusing
May 31FarsesMusing
May 31The Wife and The HusbandMusing
May 30Bat BullshitMusing
May 30Sandra's EarsMusing
May 29So Much StretchingMusing
May 28Bill's ReportMusing
May 28Finger PainsMusing
May 28Television SpotMusing
May 27Last minute distractionsMusing
May 25Sister's BabblingMusing
May 25Why I Hate My SisterMusing
May 24Sleep Aides and SkitsMusing
May 23Goals, goals, goalsMusing
May 22HardhatsMusing
May 20Excuses, excusesMusing
May 20More GeorgesMusing
May 19George Who?Musing
May 19Perspiration or InspirationMusing
May 18Still AliveMusing
May 18PresentationMusing
May 13Wizards and TeaMusing
May 12PC DayMusing
May 12The Bully (tiny fragment)Musing
May 11Sandy HeadMusing
May 10PuddlesMusing
May 9Tough DayMusing
May 8Floating Yogurt (still Part 1)Musing
May 8Exercises, Chapter 1, Sources for FictionMusing
May 8Planning for SuccessMusing
May 6MolemanMusing
May 4Sword GuyMusing
May 4Pickup SticksMusing
May 3MiddlesMusing
May 1Flying Yogurt (Part 1)Musing
May 1Pepper greenMusing
May 1ApartmentMusing
Apr 29Cast of HorriblesMusing
Apr 27Excuses, excusesMusing
Apr 27The Lazy Man (part 1)Musing
Apr 25New BikeMusing
Apr 24Sour YogurtMusing
Apr 24To be a better writerMusing
Apr 21Balloon RidesMusing
Apr 20WOW AddictsMusing
Apr 18Monkey BooksMusing
Apr 16Summer ConsternationsMusing
Apr 15Brink of WordsMusing
Apr 15Give MeMusing
Apr 14Empty MorningsMusing
Apr 14Abu and TaraMusing
Apr 12GrandparentsMusing
Apr 12PinknessMusing
Apr 11Strangled ThoughtsMusing
Apr 10Meditation StoryMusing
Apr 10More crapMusing
Apr 9WallingfordMusing
Apr 9Mystery BarMusing
Apr 9FearsMusing
Apr 9Such nonsenseMusing
Apr 7Sneaky ThursdaysMusing
Apr 7Ugly PeopleMusing
Apr 7Design ShoppingMusing
Apr 6Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don'tMusing
Apr 6Coffee LocatorMusing
Apr 5BeautifulMusing
Apr 5Melodrama suits you wellMusing
Apr 5Talk about monkey's typingMusing
Apr 5ShavingMusing
Apr 3Learned Gifts (second draft)Musing
Apr 3Moping CastlesMusing
Apr 2In Re LethemMusing
Mar 31Learned GiftsMusing
Mar 31Low EnergiesMusing
Mar 30ZonkedMusing
Mar 30Rejecting ChocolateMusing
Mar (rewrite part 1)Musing
Mar 29Leaky BananasMusing
Mar 28Older WritingsMusing
Mar 28Inner TurmoilMusing
Mar 28Golden SpecksMusing
Mar 28Manifesto of Dedication, a.k.a. The Quest for the Page of CupsMusing
Mar 28Awful ThingMusing
Mar 26ChakrasMusing
Mar 25Drained WordsMusing
Mar 25Lying AntsMusing
Mar 23Ant-Free DayMusing
Mar 22SubwayMusing
Mar 21Mucus-Filled GourdsMusing
Mar 20Annie's FatherMusing
Mar 20Overrated David TimeMusing
Mar 19Wailing Baby (character thoughts)Musing
Mar 19Edge of SicknessMusing
Mar 18Sleepy RecoveryMusing
Mar 16Wailing Baby (unfinished--really this time)Musing
Mar 16Mistimed FlightsMusing
Mar 15I (Heart) NYMusing
Mar 15Cotton-Candy PillowsMusing
Mar 14Home from China (barely started)Musing
Mar 14Forcing myself to writeMusing
Mar 14Please Fall Asleep!Musing
Mar 13The Leading ManMusing
Mar 13Late-Night CoffeeMusing
Mar 12Shallow MemoriesMusing
Mar 12AusterlitzMusing
Mar 12Senseless FlightsMusing
Mar 10Aunts and TripsMusing
Mar 9Anxious AntsMusing
Mar 8Vacant GoblinsMusing
Mar 7BaristaMusing
Mar 6Sickly RetreatsMusing
Mar 4Seat WarsMusing
Mar 4Tall Thin ManMusing
Mar 3Misplaced ThoughtMusing
Mar 3Bug Hunt ReportMusing
Mar 2Itchy pantsMusing
Mar 2DroolsMusing
Mar 1SpaldingMusing
Feb 28Server stands upMusing
Feb 28Thoughts for the return trip homeMusing
Feb 28Rock star ramblingsMusing
Feb 27Art GroupieMusing
Feb 26Server go PoofyMusing
Feb 26Horsie MuseumMusing
Feb 26Poor LisaMusing
Feb 25Eiffel TowerMusing
Feb 24Paris MorningsMusing
Feb 24Broken commentsMusing
Feb 24Paris ArrivalMusing
Feb 23Measured ingredientsMusing
Feb 22Frosted GrassMusing
Feb 21Heroic BanterMusing
Feb 20So Long LottieMusing
Feb 20Redesign: Cornflower BlueMusing
Feb 19RumblingsMusing
Feb 18AbstractionMusing
Feb 17Ending RamblingsMusing
Feb 16Works of FireMusing
Feb 16Works of FireMusing
Feb 15Rainbow MonsterMusing
Feb 15BoiseMusing
Feb 14Underwater MonsterMusing
Feb 14Eyeball MonsterMusing
Feb 14Noises at WorkMusing
Feb 13Consternated is not a three-letter wordMusing
Feb 12Silly GirlMusing
Feb 12It's Never GoodMusing
Feb 11Holey ShoesMusing
Feb 10Fun with small wordsMusing
Feb 9Ramblings on LucilleMusing
Feb 8Salad DreamsMusing
Feb 7Ramblings on Magic BulletsMusing
Feb 6The MusinatorMusing
Feb 5Greasy Memory CardsMusing
Feb 4Storming Brains--Not Getting WetMusing
Feb 3Phones that are smarter than youMusing
Feb 2Bored to TearsMusing
Feb 1Horned DuckMusing
Feb 1Painted FishMusing
Jan 31Lucille ShavingsMusing
Jan 30Superficial ClevernessMusing
Jan 29Lucille & NotesMusing
Jan 28Snappy GreenstalkMusing
Jan 27Cheap PokesMusing
Jan 26PSS LucilleMusing
Jan 25Conspiracy to Keep Me DownMusing
Jan 24To Be an AstrophysicistMusing
Jan 23Snow Falling in the OceanMusing
Jan 22Snow PainsMusing
Jan 21The Weather Outside is DreadfulMusing
Jan 20Shaving SnowMusing
Jan 19Sacrificial Lamb: character sketches and synopsisMusing
Jan 18Beautiful NeighborhoodMusing
Jan 17Literary BlueballerMusing
Jan 16Sacrificial LambMusing
Jan 15A Baseball Bat Named JohnMusing
Jan 14Reading is FundamentalMusing
Jan 13CF w/no IT to crank TO b/c of WOW b/n DVD or HCPMusing
Jan 12The Last Great IdeaMusing
Jan 11Herbert and the BankMusing
Jan 10Senseless DistractionsMusing
Jan 9Frozen CastleMusing
Jan 8Flintstones Aren’t Just for Kids AnymoreMusing
Jan 7Today's Theme: Dead ConventionsMusing
Jan 6Snow DayMusing
Jan 5Brackled BackeriesMusing
Jan 4If only I Finished a ThoughtMusing
Jan 3Loops in the ParkMusing
Jan 2Broken GlassMusing
Jan 1CompassesMusing
Dec 31He’s FaultMusing
Dec 31Double-Dipped MemoriesMusing
Dec 31Whale Riding on New Year's EveMusing
Dec 30Jetlagged BearMusing
Dec 29The Shopvac IncidentMusing
Dec 28Gravel ShovelingMusing
Dec 27wringinghair.comMusing
Dec 26Too Much TravelingMusing
Dec 25World-Wind TouringMusing
Dec 24Drunken ChickenMusing
Dec 23Food, Glorious FoodMusing
Dec 22Happy Second-Day Birthday to Me!Musing
Dec 21Call Me MakahalaMusing
Dec 20Kung-Fu MonksMusing
Dec 19Thy Sleepethless NightMusing
Dec 18Stolen SaturdayMusing
Dec 17Days of TravelMusing
Dec 16Anxious TravelerMusing
Dec 15Short Addicted EntryMusing
Dec 14Traveling PenMusing
Dec 13Mudville DistractionsMusing
Dec 12Infinite WellMusing
Dec 11Broken ClocksMusing
Dec 10Two and ElevenMusing
Dec 9Lickety FiresMusing
Dec 8Inane CacklingMusing
Dec 7The Flying Toe StompMusing
Dec 7Ball Rolling (updated)Musing
Dec 6The ZipperMusing
Dec 5Crossbows and TFTS PlanningMusing
Dec 4Key to Overcoming Distraction is SufferingMusing
Dec 3Columbia City and Me-TimeMusing
Dec 2Headaches and EditingMusing
Dec 1Finally, a flying toe stompMusing
Nov 30Ending my most prolific month...everMusing
Nov 29FireplacesMusing
Nov 28Even Kids Find Him StrangeMusing
Nov 27The Flying Toe StompMusing
Nov 26Ice Picks of InspirationMusing
Nov 25More SketchesMusing
Nov 24Now I can Write Anything (Updated)Musing
Nov 23Nanowrimo Day 23 (And Now, With Added Long-Winded Musing)Musing
Nov 22Nanowrimo Day 22Musing
Nov 21Nanowrimo Day 21Musing
Nov 20Nanowrimo Day 20Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo Day 19Musing
Nov 18Nanowrimo Day 18Musing
Nov 17Nanowrimo Day 17Musing
Nov 16Nanowrimo Day 16Musing
Nov 15Nanowrimo Day 15Musing
Nov 14Nanowrimo Day 14Musing
Nov 13Nanowrimo Day 13Musing
Nov 12Nanowrimo Day 12Musing
Nov 11Nanowrimo Day 11Musing
Nov 10Nanowrimo Day 10Musing
Nov 9Nanowrimo Day 9Musing
Nov 8Nanowrimo Day 8Musing
Nov 7Nanowrimo Day 7Musing
Nov 6Nanowrimo Day 6Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo Day 5Musing
Nov 4Nanowrimo Day 4Musing
Nov 3Nanowrimo Day 3Musing
Nov 2Nanowrimo Day 2Musing
Nov 1Nanowrimo Day 1Musing
Oct 31Last Story before NanowrimoMusing
Oct 30Spider's DialogueMusing
Oct 29The ClockmanMusing
Oct 28More Fictional RamblingsMusing
Oct 27Radio Shack StoriesMusing
Oct 26Nothing but DullnessMusing
Oct 25Voice RecordingsMusing
Oct 248 Days LeftMusing
Oct 23Skinnier NarratorMusing
Oct 22Muddy GolfingMusing
Oct 21Stretching the Muscles and Story DecisionsMusing
Oct 20Mucking through Deep ShitMusing
Oct 19Scary People from the PastMusing
Oct 17Dreaming of November Contests (and probably lying to myself)Musing
Oct 14Righteous Continuation of More-Pugs, and Then NotMusing
Oct 13More-pug CribsMusing
Oct 7Caffeinated FishMusing
Oct 5Spaghetti ThoughtsMusing
Sep 30I'm Back!Musing
Sep 26Crumpled WritingMusing
Sep 23TumbleweedsMusing
Sep 18MusesMusing
Sep 15Move-In DayMusing
Sep 6Slow WritingMusing
Sep 1Saying LittleMusing
Aug 28Questions for the Fatigue-Soaked MindMusing
Aug 23Building Tunnels Under the SandMusing
Aug 13New House!Musing
Aug 11Cardboard HeadachesMusing
Aug 5Cleaning Lady, Exit Stage LeftMusing
Jul 25Snippets of a New Yorker Dragged Against His Will to Houston (Part I)Musing
Jul 20DialoguesMusing
Jul 19rusty skill setsMusing
Jul 16brain divotsMusing
Jul 14Seattle MoveMusing
Jul 13Late ArtistsMusing
Jul 10Wise Words and Random ThoughtsMusing
Jul 8wah i neeMusing
Jul 7AntisocialMusing
Jul 5The Pink Sweater (unfinished first draft)Musing
Jul 3Just the Pink Sweater Story SynopsisMusing
Jul 1Faces of LazinessMusing
Jun 292 week deadlinesMusing
Jun 28Moleskine 1 DoneMusing
Jun 26Philosophy of DesignMusing
Jun 18long-winded storyMusing
Jun 17SparklyMusing
Jun 15birdMusing
Jun 15ogreMusing
Jun 13Cy TwomblyMusing
Jun 9Salesman in Coffee ShopMusing
Jun 8The Fire-Breathing TermiteMusing
Jun 8Inner VampiresMusing
Jun 8The Fire-Breathing TermiteMusing
Jun 6DFW rulesMusing
Jun 4Worm VeinsMusing
Jun 1No RegretsMusing
May 31Monster Escape (incomplete, first draft)Musing
May 27The Fire-Breathing Termite (complete, second draft)Musing
May 26Job DialogueMusing
May 25(non-pathetic) rewrite of first part of termitesMusing
May 22Good SisterMusing
May 20Delivery DreamMusing
May 18pathetic termitesMusing
May 17Post-Coital RegretsMusing
May 16The Fire-Breathing Termite (first part)Musing
May 15Sounding like a SaturdayMusing
May 14Waiting for That (Job) CallMusing
May 8Michael ChabonMusing
May 79 NovelsMusing
May 5generation gapMusing
May 3the demon CarlMusing
Apr 29More ComplainingMusing
Apr 27Dreams about What We're AfterMusing
Apr 26moleskines and audiencesMusing
Apr 25Blue BikiniMusing
Apr 18purposes and notes on responsibilityMusing
Apr 15random thoughts for tax dayMusing
Apr 11accepting boredomMusing
Apr 7mean peopleMusing
Apr 5changes in directionMusing
Apr 2emotional writingMusing
Mar 28writing for meMusing
Mar 27wells of ideasMusing
Mar 19bitter reflectionsMusing
Mar 13sketched out on a padMusing
Mar 3headaches and awfulnessMusing
Feb 29termitesMusing
Feb 20moodsMusing
Feb 1690th birthdays and Stephen King's writingsMusing
Feb 5more outline: a monster storyMusing
Feb 4more story planning: lost monsterMusing
Feb 2mall story outlineMusing
Jan 27bum story fragmentMusing
Jan 26holy spellchecker, batmanMusing
Jan 24spilt coffeeMusing
Jan 17Robert JordanMusing
Jan 15coffee, coffee, coffeeMusing
Jan 14restaurantsMusing
Jan 13empty lifeMusing
Jan 12truly stupid thoughtsMusing
Jan 9monkeysMusing
Jan 8circus story (outline)Musing
Jan 6constipated feelings and blind datesMusing
Jan 4toys and selfishnessMusing
Jan 1circus storyMusing
Dec 31New Years without consternation!Musing
Dec 30monsters storyMusing
Dec 25what to post in musingsMusing
Dec 21birthdayMusing
Dec 19Of Time Spent Away From YouMusing
Dec 18website designMusing
Nov 25consternated musingMusing
Nov 24submitted graduate school essayMusing
Nov 20TolkienMusing
Nov 6work complaintsMusing
Nov 1draft graduate admission essayMusing
Oct 12jack of many tradesMusing
Oct 11on emotionsMusing
Oct 9Columbus and the Discovery of AmericaMusing
Oct 6television and decisionsMusing
Oct 1Grelko the Giant Slays a MouseMusing
Sep 16inspiration and writingMusing
Sep 1work decisionsMusing
Aug 29doug firedMusing
Aug 11fantasy writingMusing
Aug 4Chair #2,458Musing
Jun 30notes on NYer verse Texas bowlersMusing
Jun 29rejectionMusing
Jun 26self-employmentMusing
Jun 25epitome of consternated writingsMusing
Jun 19get to itMusing
Jun 18loud neighbors synopsisMusing
Jun 17hawaii vacation, hikingMusing
Jun 15hawaii vacation, cliff divingMusing
Jun 14hawaii, travellingMusing
Jun 8Untitled PoemMusing
Jun 62002 Journal ReviewMusing
Jun 2story: immortality pillMusing
Jun 1Loud NeighborsMusing
Jun 1story: immortality pill (outline)Musing
May 1Parallel Universes - Not just a staple of science fiction, other universes are directMusing
Jan 1Zaida's StarsMusing
Dec 1MatchMusing
Oct 10story: the programmerMusing
Oct 8story: the programmer (outline)Musing
Aug 11story fragment: hotel roomMusing
Aug 10story: the programmerMusing
May 8story: prisonMusing
May 7story: prison (outline)Musing
Apr 12Basketball DreamsMusing
Mar 9life with magic storyMusing
Mar 3story: sister's college drop-offMusing
Jan 15story ideasMusing
Jan 13shannon and my storyMusing
Dec 26collection of story ideasMusing
Dec 25what to write aboutMusing
Jul 24consternation and brother's storyMusing
Jul 23feelingsMusing
Jun 21karmanMusing
Jun 8RachelMusing
Feb 7chuckMusing
Sep 8europe: endingsMusing
Sep 8Growing ManMusing
Sep 8europe: flight homeMusing
Sep 7europe: leavingMusing
Sep 6europe: sitesMusing
Sep 5europe: doubtsMusing
Sep 4fate's encounterMusing
Sep 3europe: expensive reflectionsMusing
Sep 3europe: pompeiMusing
Aug 31Mediterranean SeaMusing
Aug 31europe: connectionsMusing
Aug 30europe: parks and booksMusing
Aug 30europe: partheonMusing
Aug 30europe: touring athensMusing
Aug 29europe: to athensMusing
Aug 28europe: relaxingMusing
Aug 28europe: motor scooting and relaxationMusing
Aug 26europe: drunksMusing
Aug 25fire of voicesMusing
Aug 25europe: ferry to greeceMusing
Aug 24europe: greg's friendshipMusing
Aug 23ancient romeMusing
Aug 23europe: romeMusing
Aug 22europe: dreadful campMusing
Aug 22europe: salzburg and munichMusing
Aug 21star's timeMusing
Aug 21europe: star warsMusing
Aug 21europe: viennaMusing
Aug 19impotent rageMusing
Aug 19europe: angry split-upMusing
Aug 18europe: holocaust remembrancesMusing
Aug 17europe: predictionsMusing
Aug 17memory of a fallMusing
Aug 16europe: pragueMusing
Aug 14europe: hours aloneMusing
Aug 14market of fleasMusing
Aug 13europe: france, belgium, amsterdam, oh myMusing
Aug 11europe: solar eclipseMusing
Aug 11europe: bathMusing
Aug 8europe: horseback riding in the highlands of scotlandMusing
Aug 7europe: sleeping in the carMusing
Aug 6europe: driving to oxfordMusing
Aug 4The TubeMusing
Aug 4europe: AbbeyMusing
Aug 4europe: london touristsMusing
Aug 3europe: london towerMusing
Aug 2europe: london bed & breakfastMusing
Aug 1FlightMusing
Aug 1europe: flyingMusing
Jul 29Untitled PoemMusing
Jun 22DrivenMusing
May 30Untitled PoemMusing
Jan 1OGG's storyMusing
Jan 13crap about eternityMusing
Jan 1Virgins and Gnarly Old MenMusing
Aug 31chuckMusing
May 2chuckMusing
Feb 10chuckMusing
Feb 3saraMusing
Jan 2Choice of SistersMusing
Nov 26saraMusing
Nov 13chuckMusing
Oct 30law school admission essayMusing
Oct 17chuckMusing
Oct 5saraMusing
Sep 22saraMusing
Aug 1saraMusing
Jan 1Death's JesterMusing
Dec 30griefMusing
May 19A Song Laid Lost in a ShadowMusing