- Cast of Horribles
Cast of Horribles
i have to start somewhere
I used to know how to do this
I didn't know how much I missed this thing
Long, long day
It wasn't their fault
I never stopped thinking of you
They said I don't matter
How does this work again?
Time is a commodity that I tend to spend poorly
I wanted to be something beautiful tonight
Leave your mark
Nobody important is in here
I'm falling faster than I expected
I want to draw pictures
I'll be back for you
There's always the next place
Forget what others tell you
Sharp pants
The race is to change yourself, not the world
There needn't be a perfect time for this
If only it was that easy
There's something you should tell me
Do I look fat in this?
Don't wake the baby
Stop looking for me
Think happy thoughts
People rely on you now
I feel like hiding in the corner today
I'm too cute for you to sleep
You can't always blame external forces
He wanted to meet you
Sometimes I need to get away
Ignore all self doubts
Two days of sitting in my own filth
We're back with a new friend
Face it: this requires not even the semblance of skill
Did you ever think I'd be back?
Do I even know how to use it anymore?
Admit it: you miss me
It's starting to come back
You knew I couldn't stay away
There's beauty everywhere
I've got nothing left for this
Get them when they're young
I think you scared me
They suffered for theirs. What did you do?
How can I ever make something real?
I am a conformist
It won't always be this quiet
What do you think will happen?
I'm back--you miss me?
Sometimes the pretty is as the pretty does.
Say you won't make it so
Sometimes you're just not good enough
I'm a fraud
She's almost here
I give up
Where are you?
The head doesn't work
Stop wasting my time
So it goes
There is doing and then there is being
So many years to do something yet so little done
Have I accomplished anything worthwhile?
The change approaches
Don't let it get you down
Please tell me there's something more
The season approaches
It's all in one stroke
I told you there was something in there
Sometimes ideas do float on the surface
Many worlds within worlds
Where did you guys come from?
Take the moment...
Whatever happened to the hobgoblins?
She's almost here
It looks so big
It's never as good as you think
I'm trapped
Don't always look disappointed
They're back
It's nice to see you again
It's going to tell me something important
The victim is always innocent
My brain needs an off switch
Oh so that's how it works
You wouldn't believe me if I told you
Take a moment
I want to protest but the world is perfect
Did you miss me?
Things will happen
I really don't need external validation
I have nothing more to give
It's time to get out of my head
My fingers hurt
It's not that it doesn't sleep, it can't sleep
She's mobile now
It's possible to find the truth up here
If I thought first I could make something worthwhile
Do you have to let it linger?
It doesn't make sense to me either
Waiting to get there
Truth in advertising
Sometimes your eyes really are larger than your stomach
You will do it!
The first time is always trying
Sometimes it's better not to wake up in the morning
It shouldn't be this easy
Even rainy days can be happy
They're waiting for us
There's gotta be a story here
So far yet to travel
It's just over the hill
The funny bone is neither funny nor a bone
I clearly know nothing
Dream big and fail small: why I never hit it big
It's not as easy as it looks
It's worse than you think
It's almost a creative process
Once more for good luck
I don't want to be bothered when I'm in my hole
Wet but no closer to inspiration
The head, it hurts
We sometimes forget what's coming
Sometimes I try too hard
It will pass soon enough
Or it could be I just like to color
I have nothing interesting to say
It's all in the coloring
Her first concert
You have to pretend to mean it
Make it stop hurting
It won't stop leaking
I should be happier
It still waits for me
You have to do away with your perceived perfection
She kept her beautiful promise
Sometimes she needs her own spotlight
Words should go here
There's a demon inside all of us
There's something in here trying to get out
Another failed project
There should be something there
I think it's going to explode
Happy, happy thoughts
It's not safe to leave me alone
What if we owned all of our thoughts and ideas?
Nobody is listening
Nobody is listening
The road is long--time to start running
I need something to get me going
We need more characters
True love is about the willingness to sacrifice your own happiness
Let's just sit around and do nothing
Show me a picture
Stop taking up my oxygen
Stop looking inside, it's mostly empty
Shouldn't I be more scared?
There's someone waiting for us
It sounds like you know what you want to say
I want to be like you when I grow up
You have to make your world
It can't go on forever
Who says violence isn't for kids?
So much time so little output
Let me put something up for you
Sit back and think big thoughts
It's sometimes better without me
Know your mission
Make it stop already
I shouldn't have gone there
you have to stop
I didn't want you to see me like this
Do something really well
It's crawling all over me
Make it stop spinning
It's not working anymore
Everyone smile
There's more than one way to get there
I keep hoping I can do better than I do
She's officially the cutest baby ever
I wait for the change
We should enjoy the quiet
I'm just not good at anything
It's all coming back to me now
Let me tell you, her teeth are really big
There's worlds out there I can't understand
Can you see me?
I shouldn't complain so much
It's almost here
It's possible I've lost weight
Behold he who knows nothing
You just have to let it go sometimes
The sane ones in a maelstrom of discontent
You wouldn't know it by looking at me but there are other people in the world.
It's all in the merchandising
The pink bunny
Too much of teh internets
It can't be that bad
I will always be here for you
I don't know what I owe you
Where the Horribles are
You can't make me
Multiple personalities
It's good to get out and about
They live in a storybook
I'm going somewhere
Teh internets is not your friend
Stop telling me I'm blue
Would you kindly stop staring
I'm just not good at this
Sometimes there are no answers
I have a secret
It's not always what you think
It's a long way to nowhere
Ready for sleep
So anxious
Do you remember when we became the new cool?
They can't know me
Don't tell anyone
Why don't you like me anymore?
The start of something wonderful
It's almost here
It's the size of a Gummy Bear
You can't always tell me everything
The sun is just behind these clouds
I just need to rest for a moment
Keep it moving
They're here to protect us
Does she know what she's doing?
You really started something this time
Don't forget about me
I'm waiting for it to fall
There's something she needs to tell you
Don't get too excited
Stop looking at me
It's almost here
She knows how to use that
I hate sleep headaches
I'm so tired I'm not sure I'm talking aloud
The city awaits me
I should be better at answering mail
The winter will end soon
Go there
So it went
There are monuments everywhere
I feel out of sorts
There are other types of monsters in this world
She drugged me
Construction of the head
I think I may be allergic to her
I wish I remembered more
Before I get started on something completely new
Stop thinking you know what's inside me
Pull back to gain perspective
I could have told you that
I don't even know where to start anymore
I can't stop
Don't look at me
It's a dirty, dirty world
It could be real one day
She's so cute
I wanted something real but he wouldn't let me make it
It can't be that bad
Going through the motions
My hands won't stop shaking
I can't always look up to you
Shouldn't you be doing more important things?
Happy Mother's Day
We miss fighting for you
Don't tell them about my hobbies
Stop judging me
I'm not good at what I want to be good at
The view is better from up here
It's all starting to come out
I'm all designed out
Do I have to choose just one hobby?
I'm fresh out of ideas
I'm changing to get ahead
Coming, dear!
You don't always realize when the universe is talking to you
They're coming for me
Epic journeys begin with small steps
It silences me
The night holds many mysteries
It only looks like she can walk
There's violence afoot
It just feels that way
I miss showing you the snow
I did warn you
Is there that big of a difference between drunk and genius?
It's safer for you if I stay here
So different yet so similar
Need more quests
It's time I return to my own planet
I'm mentally preparing
I'm sick of conflict
It's like a whole different world from this angle
I can't stand Three's Company's moments
Sometimes it is the simple things
I only look happy
Show me something
There's something about me
I have so many other talents
The choices we sow
What if all I had was a sword?
The world is still watching
The blank page is sucking out my soul
It's not always an easy bargain
I should be sleeping
I have to stop living in my small head
I would be rich
What haven't you told me
Injustice is a dish best served cold
There is no perfect world
To the love of my life
There are worse things in the world
It loses its meaning the further away I go
The emperor has no clothes
They want me to change
Sometimes frogs do fall from the sky
That's going to be us some day
If I lived in a different time
I never said I knew very much
Too hot to doodle
There's more to life than scribbles
Even happy people have sad days
The truth of it all
Desperate Excuses
So alike and yet so different
Speak to me
You grow desensitive to it after awhile
Please don't talk to me
I haven't forgotten about you
There are some things even I am uncomfortable sharing
I want to create something
I don't do small talk--I just have strong beliefs about the weather
Lots to think on
Do I even know me?
I always thought I had . . . something important in me
It is so important that you're here
Try the idea before spending too much time on it
We're ready for your adventure
I know all about me
What are all these pixels for?
Don't mention the wolves
It's not summer yet!
Happy Chanukah!
You can always use more explosions
I don't know why I thought I could do it
The skunkworks
I should be doing something
I need you for other purposes
It's what time?
There are things they don't teach me
Like a beanstalk to water
What are you waiting for?
The possibilities are frighteningly possible
Steeped in Books
We've hit an equilibrium
It's how I wake up
I thought I was better than that
Just call it something
Sometimes you want to reinvent the wheel
There's someone I want you to meet
They're coming for me
Who's the real seeker?
Too many shapes
It's my listening post
There's a world waiting to communicate with me
There is magic afoot
I was feeling blue
I used to know the right way home
I need to protect her from the badness
Chicken scratch
Things look weird some days
I thought it was in me
I have to get it out of my system
Witty tagline would go here
On a moonlit night
The slinger
Too tired to get up, too scared to go to sleep
We know all your secrets
Looking toward the future
Going through the motions
I missed the day
I feel fat today
It doesn't make a sound
People really do care
Movie Time!
Yesterday's sleep is still all over me
There's a break in my tubes
Short tiny steps
If I lived in a video game
I thought I'd stick
You don't always need to answer
Am I really that ugly?
The next best thing to drinking it
I got nothing
I'm always waiting for something to happen
We all have our style
The queen
Chasing sleep
Wonderful things are worth the wait
I wanted to make something real
If nobody can hear it, it's for you
I was so close
I forget that you're there
You have nothing to worry about
I feel out of sorts today
It's a lovely land
You can always go there in your head
The world could be a happy place
There's someone waiting for me
I'm drowning in it
Love isn't always the answer
When will you lead me to adventure?
If only they knew the truth
It reminds me of my other side
There must be an easier way
You shouldn't hide who you are
I know I'm looking good
Some days it's not worth getting out of bed
It has to start from somewhere
I can't believe I was wrong
The first moving pictures
The universe must be looking out for me, right?
There are strange things everywhere
Dreaming it is only the first step
He said I was ordinary
Just keep moving
It's all collapsing in on itself
There is nothing like the first day
It's worse than we thought
Things are simpler in the woods
You don't know what you don't know
Not everything needs to be so complicated
The tidiness of dreams
I just keep staring at it
It tells me to do things
What is becoming of your sister?
It wasn't me
Winter doldrums
Stop putting me in your box
This is really about nothing
There's a whole world out there
There are sleep monsters
What if I moved and did things?
Does anyone hear me?
The jester is good for the soul
It's not kid stuff
My philosophy is overrated
It feels like forever
Do you think he'll take me away?
It draws the eye
We're back for more
The addicts roam the night
I can't stop scribbling
The start is hours away
Life is sometimes surprisingly simple
I can't stop looking at myself
The day's demons still haunt me
It's the new retro look
There are only five possibilities
Great ideas float on the autumn winds
Don't let her innocent looks fool you
Magic is as magic does
You need me most on the darkest nights
It's about mental preparation
Just visiting
Each blank page is a new opportunity
The copying tree
Drama requires dark times
I need something more blended
It was bound to happen sooner or later
It's never as bad as it looks
I need a release at times
Who watches the Horribles?
We're all in our little bubbles
I like to pretend I have important thoughts
It's never enough
It is all there
There's more to this
War is the only way to ensure everyone gets along
Come here my sexy machine
Summer ends
Stop sneering
I forgot what I was going to say
Let's go find us some castles
Keep your eyes on the target
One last photo before the season ends
I need to stand out
I want to copy something but I can't figure what
I can't stop tinkering
So this is what it feels like to work again
It's all in how you see it
How will I fill my library now?
If you don't do it every day, you forget why you do it
They're surprisingly good at role playing
I wanted to grow my love this year
And then something happened
How can someone this awesome be this exhausting?
Hindsight makes the best prophecy
They're all starting to look like me
I feel disconnected from everything
It shouldn't be this way
We're all replaceable
My greatest fear is someone answers
It's not always as it seems
Another bad hair day
And I smote with much vengence
Think the good thoughts
How do I not measure my worth by others?
Sometimes you don't see it coming
There's something I have to show you
There is light at the end of every tunnel
There is light at the end of every tunnel (alternative)
It used to mean something
It passed without a sound
I lose myself in there
Happy is as happy does
It's not easy being brilliant
Trace on
It could happen
It's my biggest enemy
It's not always out there
I'm just not good enough to wait for
Don't think, don't think
The quantum state is your real state
It's not all scribbles
It's happening again
I can't stand to watch the end
What if they don't like me?
It's raining pine cones
Her favorite part of the dog park: the walk home
If you don't think about it, it won't be bad
Hunger turns me into a monster
Some mornings barely crawl along
I'll always be there, in your memories
Don't be afraid to paint the world
Nobody ever sees me
Lost in scribbles
Hide and then seek
Life is the pursuit of random numbers
My best friend was a genius
Your sexy leg will not protect you
She thinks she's so serious
Is it real at all?
And so it goes
It's looking at me again
It never rains in the summer
They know all about me
It's where my day goes
I keep seeing them looking at me
It's a scorcher
I used to know how to do this
Nodding to the boom-boom-tat
I got nothing
If only I could fit
Some things are good to be left alone
The words make up crap
It's been a long time
She moved in so quickly
Be scared, very scared
So little left in there
The beauty never really left
Dignity always has its price
We should be back there
Don't ask questions
Button comes home
Bored to tears
Some dreams you grab hold and hang on for the ride
It's out there
Asmin calls to you
You knew I was coming
He calls to me
The eye-level
He drives me mad sometimes
You'd think I could be all things to all people
You don't know what's possible until you try
It drowns out the world's problems
We're registered family
What now?
Periodic Elements
Drunken chicken
It knows everything about me
You can't say I never take you anywhere
It's almost that time again
Rainy nights
We're only automatic ballthrowers to him
She's a scary lady
I'm busy creating a world for you
It's always good to peek outside the pit
It's the thought that counts
The silence is deafening
Drunk and stuffed
They're up there
They all look so similar but yet so different
It's almost finished
Things I never should have done but did anyway
They'll never find me in here
She doesn't need me anymore
There's not much in there
Just a little bit closer
The hair makes the woman
I'm losing it
The cape isn't necessary, but it sure is fun
Sometimes you lose what you're going to say
You're only involved as much as you want to be involved
The sorry state of affairs
Rejected again
Too tired
You don't always have to look carefully
And now with feeling
Shades of gray
I'm spiraling downwards
The moonlight in your eyes
I become lost in my projects
I'm sick of looking at myself
We bought him for sheer entertainment value
The mutants walk among us
There are some things I don't want to know
She'll be fine
Just a few hours, really
They look so innocent
So supportive!
Much more work than it's worth
He loves leftover people food
The world changes in a moment
I can't believe people pay for this
We've missed you
Silent goals
On hiatus
I constantly need to know if anyone likes me
Do I really look like a sperm?
The Marathon fast approaches
They like me, they really like me
It seemed so much worse when other people did it
A last-minute summer
They know my secret
I'm too tired to care
It's exhausting being around some people
Do you think he's getting better?
You smell like truffle oil
There's only one place to go when you're on a pedestal
Let the dismemberment commence
He's growing so fast
There's something she's not telling me
She has an entire life outside of me
Not everything is about Ziggy
I feel smaller every day
I feel like I'm off my game
My three-thousand dollar mirror
Evolution's great joke
Is it still rejection if you weren't sure you wanted to succeed?
Hold her steady
We're so proud of him
There are some dreams I can never give up
There is much we need to talk about
The last one always holds on strongest
Will it ever stop?
I don't need a reason to be here
There's not much energy left
Moonlight always seems to have answers
Don't stifle me
I sometimes get carried away
That will never hang on my wall
I have to rest my arms sometimes
Magical power always trumps your fashion sense
When exercising you take no prisoners
It does funny things to you
Don't bother hiding from the day
I can't take my eyes off of it
It has to flow from somewhere
Reality changes when I haven't slept
It's never what you expect
What happened to your writing?
I should be in movies
That next step is a doozy
If they all insist I'm wrong, how can I not be right?
It tells me things
The dolphins will save me, right?
I never know how I will wake
Happiness is about choosing the only way
How do I remove a lifetime of negativity?
Once you throw it, there's nothing you can do
Burning away the covers
They all greet the day
To clear up the confusion
I can't believe I thought of giving you up
Why won't they stop talking at us?
It's where ideas grow
That first step is a doozy
So we meet
I can't believe how quickly he's taken over
It tells you something if you listen
I can't find her
My new home
We approach
I'm pulled in so many directions
Summer hits like a bag of bolts
It's always worse than they say
I can't expect anyone to understand
Summer approaches most unexpectantly
We all don't want to be heroes
Complaints reaching dangerous levels
There's always more to do
No such thing as the real world
A return to stillness
If you fly fast enough you'll live forever
What I want to do, and what I really want to do
You told me this ring would give me magical powers
Never mistake lack of attention for lack of interest
Falling closer is no different than drifting away
You're looking strong today
Long time until sleep
Emptiness is the bastion for new ideas
The smallest things set me off
Too exhausted for words
Spring needs a bit of encouragement
Hunger is a mood unstabilizer
Going up is all the fun
Everyone has their own look
Dark tables don't tell tales
If I only knew now what I'll know then
You blend in after a while
I'm useless without her
They don't know I exist
Everyone is famous somewhere, right?
Life changes when people drop in to stay
Soft whispers
Will she notice?
It tells me something
Simple thoughts for a simple day
Understanding is not everything
Matzoball soup: soggy bread never tasted so good
Stand behind me
They're expecting me to say something
I'm low pressure!
I'm getting old
Even day trips need preparation
It's early still
It's coming
There's so much I don't know
Way up there
It's just that simple
Creation is a state of mind over an extended period
I'm tired just thinking about Spring
She's been like this since she returned home
Every boy has the same dream
Mornings are one big canvas
They're all doing something tonight
Progress is highly overvalued
Happy Juice
Evening sky
The end is always in sight
They came in peace?
I came all this way & I won't go in
Change is not always good
He's strong enough
Standing room only
Be careful what you eat
It wouldn't make a difference even if I could reach down
Cut it out
I can't understand it
Hiding in plain sight behind closed doors
I can lift myself up
She's everywhere
He's like me, he does nothing
There's something waiting
I will always be there
It has to go somewhere
There should be laws against this
All is not lost at night
It's not to be trusted
Rainy nights and sunny days
People think better in circles
It's as if I still see her
It doesn't take much
It doesn't matter how hard I pull
I don't see the point
You have to jump head first
I don't always measure up
Look but don't touch
You can't see inside me
My pillows will protect me
She's flying
Dodging distractions
Be wary around broken glass
My angel
Covet, covet, covet
Who are you, and why do you keep watching me?
Whatever you do, you cannot look in the closet
It doesn't have all the answers
Moonlight makes everything beautiful
Starting again is hard
It's in the name of progress
Who cares what I wish
He's plotting to take over the world, I can feel it
Sometimes you just can't wait for a new idea
Good morning, trees
Evolution is a strange mistress
They look just like me!
Wonton soup & grape juice
Sometimes it's better to let go
He keeps looking at me
It's like we were made for each other
The higher I climb, the bigger everything seems
It makes its own way
I can't say I understand it, but it is the new thing
I hate slowing her down
Safe journeys
Silence is such a loud word
Every night I see less and less
Nothing worse than a lonely Sunday
Coffee provides a false sense of philosophy
There's a world outside the box
There are some unmistakable signs
I don't always want to know what's out there
I hope they'll accept me
I don't want to know who's there
He must have lived an exciting life
I think she wants me
Why is it all leaking out?
It all seems so big
Go on without me
She said she'd join me
I wonder if they think of me
They built it for me
I hate to disappoint
They came like that
He knows something is wrong with me
If only she were real