NAIS is alive!

Monday, December 31, 2007

I planned to wait until tomorrow to go live with the new site. The first of the year sounded like an auspicious date to show off all my hard work. I finished slathering the last of the paint a bit early and changed my mind. Here it is in all of its glory: the New And (hopefully) Improved

It’s a strange feeling to finish NAIS. The successful end of a project always feels anticlimactic to me. I actually do enjoy the journey on these projects, which makes their end more bitter than sweet. Not that I’m completely done: there are still administrative features to write, and tons of weather horribles to doodle. But the important stuff is done, and is now available to the world, even if it’s a world of five readers.

As part of my quality control (and general narcissism), I spent a lot of time reading through old content looking for broken pictures and links (a handful of which still remain). The more I read, the more I grinned like a small boy. I’ve spoken many times about how I enjoy reading my own writing. It turns out that it’s still true. After I finished grinning, I began thinking how I haven’t done much in the way of writing lately. Since the Marathon, my output has been rather sad. I can blame some of it on NAIS as I focused much of my efforts on finishing this project. But part of it is this feeling I have lately that I’m pulling away from real writing. I find myself relying on short horribles posts, and not spending time or energy to delve deeper into my psyche.

Tomorrow is the first of the year, and with it I hope to spend a bit of time reflecting over a large mug of coffee. I won’t claim to know if anything will come of it. For now, I’ll try to bask in the warm feeling of a completed project. Enjoy, and feel free to send me any bugs or inconsistencies.

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