Naginata Shodan Test Outline

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Word Version

Six Kamae

Chudon no kamae

Jodan no kamae

Gedan no kamae


Hasso no kamae


Valid datosu-bui (striking points)


Soku-men (left & right)

Do (left & right)


Inside & Outside Sune (left & right)

Kote (left & right)

Parts of the Naginata

Extra Questions

Chudan no Kamae

  • fundamental of all kamaes
  • body is turned to the side
  • kissaki covers the center of the body and is aimed at the misouchi of the opponent
  • arms extended
  • distance between arms = distance between feet
  • distance between feet = 1.5 - 2x length of foot
  • rear hand should grasp teh naginata about at forearms length from the ishizuki
  • rare hand must lightly touch the inner thigh of rear leg
  • spirit filled with energy

Two types of competition

1. Shiai competition

  • bogu is worn
  • try to hit your opponent on a valid datosu-bui
  • while avoiding being hit
  • competition continues until someone meets the victory conditions (e.g., two valid strikes) or time runs out

2. Engi competition

  • Movements are pre-arranged
  • Either shikaki-oji competition or Zen Nihon kata competition
  • Winner is pair that is judged to have the best skill

Names of the footwork






Ma-ai ga Chigai (close distance)

  • Mai-ai is the distance betweem you and your opponent
  • correct distance = 1 step forward to hit your opponent & 1 step backward to avoid being hit
  • ma-ai ga chigai is a mai-ai that is closer than the correct ma-ai
  • if you can't keep ma-ai and you get too close, you are easier to hit

Distance between starting lines in Engi and Shiai

4m in both Engi and Shiai

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