It's where ideas grow

Thursday, July 26, 2007
It's where ideas grow

Another one of my favorite doodles. Do you see the Super Little Guy? This was his second appearance. I definitely need more comics with him.

I don't actually see these pictures in my head before I draw them. It's a weird process. These are my approaches:

I sometimes "see" the entire doodle and tagline, usually when showering or walking or riding my bicycle. When I do, I jot it down, draw a quick sketch on Doolies's free medical sticky notes, and then draw the doodle for posting. (When I say "see" I'm really talking about "know," since, as I said, I never see pictures in my head, only thoughts, if that makes any sense.

Other times I start with what I believe is a clever tagline, and work from there.

More usually, when I have no ideas, I'll start by drawing a background or the Little Guy, and then seeing what takes me. Sometimes I'll have a fully drawn Little Guy sitting on a white background and have not idea what to do with him.

All these methods have produced good doodles (and many bad ones). I used the last method on this one. I drew him, decided to focus on his eyes and neck, and ended up sticking his thoughts on top of his head. Yeah, I know, a cliche, but a good one.

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