The cape isn't necessary, but it sure is fun

Thursday, January 31, 2008
The cape isn't necessary, but it sure is fun

Late post today. The rain and cold returned to Seattle with a vengeance (I didn't realize there was an A in vengeance). I think its trying to get back at us for escaping to the warm sun of Hawaii. I can't believe we were there on Sunday. It feels like it was a long time ago.

Chuck has agreed to restart our ping-pong short story "contest." This is where one of us sends the other a story idea, and the watches (with sadistic glee) while the other writes a story based on the story idea usually within the month (or was it a week? I forget). We played rock-paper-scissor and I won (or lost, as Chuck looks at it): I get to serve first and deliver him a story idea. I still haven't come up with the appropriate idea, but it should be ready by this weekend. That means I'll be writing a new short story next month. While I'm excited to start writing again, I'm a bit nervous about actually doing it. What if it comes out like the Marathon?

This Super Little Guy horrible wasn't as good as my others. I don't particularly like the city or the building colors (they're backwards: the buildings further back should be darker)--but I'm too lazy to fix it. You should see the terrible horrible I doodled today. I still haven't returned to form after a week away.

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