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Tagged: Writing
Jan 13Meaning of EfilMusing
Dec 2530 minutes of creativityMusing
Jun 12Dishwashers don't consternateMusing
May 30Mr. Blank PageMusing
Nov 4Do I even know how to use it anymore?Cast of Horribles
Jul 23Conference RoomMusing
Jun 19ForgetfulnessMusing
Jun 14Races with RatsMusing
Jul 30"Is it lunch yet?"Cast of Horribles
May 26I don't even know where to start anymoreCast of Horribles
May 21Handoff #1 (David)Musing
Apr 16"To be a writer, you're going to have to write"Cast of Horribles
Feb 24The blank page is sucking out my soulCast of Horribles
Dec 29Unstarted StartsMusing
Nov 22Summary of Nanowrimo 2009Musing
Nov 21Nanowrimo 2009 Day 21Musing
Nov 20Nanowrimo 2009 Day 20Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2009 Day 19Musing
Nov 19Nanowrimo 2009 Day 18Musing
Nov 17Nanowrimo 2009 Day 17Musing
Nov 16Nanowrimo 2009 Day 16Musing
Nov 15Nanowrimo 2009 Day 15Musing
Nov 14Nanowrimo 2009 Day 14Musing
Nov 13Nanowrimo 2009 Day 13Musing
Nov 12Nanowrimo 2009 Day 12Musing
Nov 11Nanowrimo 2009 Day 11Musing
Nov 10Nanowrimo 2009 Day 10Musing
Nov 9Nanowrimo 2009 Day 9Musing
Nov 8Nanowrimo 2009 Day 8Musing
Nov 7Nanowrimo 2009 Day 7Musing
Nov 6Nanowrimo 2009 Day 6Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo 2009 Day 5Musing
Nov 5Nanowrimo 2009 Day 4Musing
Nov 3Nanowrimo 2009 Day 3Musing
Nov 2Nanowrimo 2009 Day 2Musing
Nov 1Nanowrimo 2009 Day 1Musing
Aug 2The continuation of nothingnessMusing
Aug 1Unrequited ConsternationsMusing
Apr 13We're back for moreCast of Horribles
Feb 12And then something happenedCast of Horribles
Sep 17So say something alreadyMusing
Sep 1Kosher DeliMusing
Sep 1Kosher Deli ConsternationsMusing
Aug 1The showerMusing
Jul 6Liver-Spotted VoyeurismMusing
Jun 19Three-winged birdMusing
Apr 29Beautiful ValleysMusing
Jan 1I need enjoyment againMusing
Nov 16On hiatusCast of Horribles
Oct 29The Marathon fast approachesCast of Horribles
Oct 28Five Writing StrengthsMusing
Aug 21Each day doesn't mean what you think it meansMusing
Aug 20Short Consternated BattlesMusing
Aug 19What happened to your writing?Cast of Horribles
Aug 17Just start writing again. Please!Musing
Jun 18She’s a stone’s throw awayMusing
Jun 14Emptiness is the bastion for new ideasCast of Horribles
Apr 16Roped entryMusing
Apr 15Two shots and twenty minutesMusing
Apr 10Second day bluesMusing
Apr 9Serious LifeMusing
Feb 21Starting again is hardCast of Horribles
Jan 31Returned ServeMusing
Jan 9Muddy ruts lined with cereal leavingsMusing
Jan 8I used to write for me, now I write for others. I changed when I realized other people existed.Musing
Jan 6Don’t consternate, don’t consternateMusing
Dec 28The clouds judge as they fly byMusing
Dec 27Take nothing and make nothing pieMusing
Dec 26On pithy notes that don't say very muchMusing
Dec 25Who needs slowly typed words to meet Goal?Musing
Dec 24Failed ExperimentsMusing
Dec 23NoMusing
Dec 15Writing DirectionsMusing
Dec 8SynopsesMusing
Oct 23Marathon RamblingsMusing
Oct 15It's about damn timeMusing
Oct 14Notes on Talking DogsMusing
Sep 1The Spark of a Talking DogMusing
Aug 23ZeldaMusing
Aug 22Hotdog PromisesMusing
Aug 17Mindless MutteringsMusing
Aug 7Animals v.1Musing
Aug 7FakerMusing
Jul 30Bright Red ThighsMusing
Jul 23Cushy ChairsMusing
Jul 18Muddy Tracks in the RugMusing
Jul 16Consternated Nothingness'ingMusing
May 7It's Done!Musing
Apr 30Banana Non-StoriesMusing
Apr 5Bricks of ConsternationMusing
Apr 3Stalking the WordsMusing
Mar 26Ping Pong EntryMusing
Mar 20Pong ConsternationsMusing
Mar 15The Beeping DeadMusing
Mar 13Indecisive steadinessMusing
Mar 6It's been too longMusing
Feb 13Wasted EffortsMusing
Feb 1Researching SurrenderMusing
Jan 17Experiment in AsidesMusing
Jan 10Cocktail Party EssaysMusing
Jan 3Writing Truths I Never Knew (But Hopefully Intuited), Which Are Obvious and In Need of WatchingMusing
Dec 18Scribble the Random SamplingsMusing
Dec 16Tendrils of SmokeMusing
Dec 16Chew the CigarMusing
Dec 15Piles of NothingsMusing
Dec 10Something beautifulMusing
Oct 17RunMusing
Oct 11500 Good WordsMusing
Oct 9Bitter StrugglesMusing
Oct 8Movied ramblingsMusing
Oct 7Waiting for the best of thingsMusing
Oct 6Fossil leavesMusing
Oct 6WordcountMusing
Oct 5Unexpected and Wonderful (again)Musing
Oct 4Putter downer of wordsMusing
Sep 25Delayed ConsternationsMusing
Sep 17Late-Stage WithdrawalMusing
Sep 13Droopy daysMusing
Sep 12Video-Game-Free DayMusing
Sep 6SearchingMusing
Sep 5The Stages of DenialMusing
Aug 26Beautiful SleepMusing
Aug 24Gap-Tooth WaitersMusing
Aug 24CrikesMusing
Aug 21Nonsense Masquerading as NonsenseMusing
Jul 23TetrisMusing
Jul 22RandomnessMusing
Jul 17CampsMusing
Jul 16Too. Many. Words.Musing
Jul 13Senseless RaisinsMusing
Jul 12LostMusing
Jul 3Kicked in the PantsMusing
Jul 3Monkeys in a BarrelMusing
Jun 28Random TidbitsMusing
Jun 25I am not a Lit. Major
Jun 22Painful BusinessesMusing
Jun 21Writing AffirmationsMusing
Jun 18Jerky FingersMusing
Jun 17Consternated OutliningMusing
Jun 15More than just picturesMusing
Jun 13Writing as processMusing
Jun 12Two-thousand splitMusing
Jun 11Flights and FragmentsMusing
Jun 1George's TomfooleryMusing
May 31FarsesMusing
May 30Bat BullshitMusing
May 23Goals, goals, goalsMusing
May 22HardhatsMusing
May 20Excuses, excusesMusing
May 19Perspiration or InspirationMusing
May 13Wizards and TeaMusing
May 10PuddlesMusing
May 9Tough DayMusing
May 8Exercises, Chapter 1, Sources for FictionMusing
May 8Planning for SuccessMusing
May 6MolemanMusing
May 4Pickup SticksMusing
May 3MiddlesMusing
May 1Pepper greenMusing
Apr 27Excuses, excusesMusing
Apr 24Sour YogurtMusing
Apr 16Summer ConsternationsMusing
Apr 15Brink of WordsMusing
Apr 12PinknessMusing
Apr 10More crapMusing
Apr 9FearsMusing
Apr 9Such nonsenseMusing
Apr 5Talk about monkey's typingMusing
Apr 2In Re LethemMusing
Mar 28Inner TurmoilMusing
Mar 28Golden SpecksMusing
Mar 28Manifesto of Dedication, a.k.a. The Quest for the Page of CupsMusing
Mar 25Drained WordsMusing
Mar 14Forcing myself to writeMusing
Mar 7BaristaMusing
Mar 4Tall Thin ManMusing
Mar 3Misplaced ThoughtMusing
Feb 28Rock star ramblingsMusing
Feb 22Frosted GrassMusing
Feb 19RumblingsMusing
Feb 9Ramblings on LucilleMusing
Feb 4Storming Brains--Not Getting WetMusing
Jan 31Lucille ShavingsMusing
Jan 30Superficial ClevernessMusing
Jan 19Sacrificial Lamb: character sketches and synopsisMusing
Jan 17Literary BlueballerMusing
Jan 14Reading is FundamentalMusing
Jan 11Herbert and the BankMusing
Jan 10Senseless DistractionsMusing
Jan 5Brackled BackeriesMusing
Dec 27wringinghair.comMusing
Dec 14Traveling PenMusing
Dec 13Mudville DistractionsMusing
Dec 5Crossbows and TFTS PlanningMusing
Dec 4Key to Overcoming Distraction is SufferingMusing
Dec 2Headaches and EditingMusing
Nov 26Ice Picks of InspirationMusing
Nov 25More SketchesMusing
Oct 28More Fictional RamblingsMusing
Oct 27Radio Shack StoriesMusing
Oct 26Nothing but DullnessMusing
Oct 25Voice RecordingsMusing
Oct 21Stretching the Muscles and Story DecisionsMusing
Oct 20Mucking through Deep ShitMusing
Sep 18MusesMusing
Sep 6Slow WritingMusing
Jul 20DialoguesMusing
Jul 19rusty skill setsMusing
Jul 13Late ArtistsMusing
Jul 3Just the Pink Sweater Story SynopsisMusing
Jul 1Faces of LazinessMusing
Jun 292 week deadlinesMusing
Jun 26Philosophy of DesignMusing
Jun 17SparklyMusing
Jun 13Cy TwomblyMusing
Jun 6DFW rulesMusing
May 18pathetic termitesMusing
May 17Post-Coital RegretsMusing
May 8Michael ChabonMusing
May 79 NovelsMusing
May 3the demon CarlMusing
Apr 29More ComplainingMusing
Apr 26moleskines and audiencesMusing
Apr 5changes in directionMusing
Apr 2emotional writingMusing
Mar 28writing for meMusing
Mar 27wells of ideasMusing
Mar 19bitter reflectionsMusing
Mar 13sketched out on a padMusing
Mar 3headaches and awfulnessMusing
Jan 24spilt coffeeMusing
Jan 12truly stupid thoughtsMusing
Jan 9monkeysMusing
Dec 31New Years without consternation!Musing
Dec 30monsters storyMusing
Nov 25consternated musingMusing
Nov 20TolkienMusing
Sep 16inspiration and writingMusing
Aug 11fantasy writingMusing
Jun 29rejectionMusing
Jun 25epitome of consternated writingsMusing
Jun 19get to itMusing
Mar 9life with magic storyMusing
Jan 15story ideasMusing
Jan 13shannon and my storyMusing
Dec 25what to write aboutMusing
Jul 24consternation and brother's storyMusing