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Dec 1It turned out fifth-grade math was useful for somethingCast of Horribles
Mar 21"I have a little dot"Cast of Horribles
Mar 18Two-Year Old ProtestersMusing
Mar 2"Moon and stars and daddy"Cast of Horribles
Jan 26Tiger's first computer drawingMusing
Dec 30Breakfast with ElmoMusing
Dec 25We're back with a new friendCast of Horribles
Oct 27"This huge ocean starts and ends here"Cast of Horribles
Oct 24"What about me?"Cast of Horribles
Sep 1Thanks!Cast of Horribles
Aug 31"It's our New Years"Cast of Horribles
Aug 26Get them when they're youngCast of Horribles
Sep 30Everyone smileCast of Horribles
Sep 27She's officially the cutest baby everCast of Horribles